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Tags: Fantasy

Erotic Story: My Aunt’s Husband

Life was as good to me as it could be. My Aunt continued to be her indifferent self and I preferred that since whenever she noticed that I was alive, it became hell on earth for me. Though such times were few and far between, they surpassed the times she left me alone unattended. I however had a lot of time on my hand as my public school closed earlier than Paul’s, my cousin, and the earliest my aunt and uncle got home was 8pm. This gave me plenty of time to explore my sexuality and enjoy being fucked by the uncle neighbours. I had become very skilful at giving a blowjob and even now loved being ass fucked more than pussy fucked. Uncle Emeka said I was a fast learner while his friend called me ‘’My Little Whore’’. I didn’t mind being called that as it turns me on whenever I was called such names; it makes my body flush in arousal.

This fateful day, my aunt had travelled to another country to attend a conference and was expected to spend ten days there. I was home alone with Paul my cousin and his dad, my uncle. I had a lot of time on my hands since Paul would go for evening classes till 8 or 9 pm and my uncle wouldn’t return till about the same time or even later. Uncle Emeka or Uncle Gboyega would always take care of me during those free periods and sometimes too James would come home for a round or two of sex that I had come to realise was called ‘’quickies’’. I loved and hated those quickies. I loved them because they helped relieve pressure but hated them because they were usually too short and inadequate to quench the fire that was always, constantly burning in my loins. I needed sex like a junkie needed a fix and since James was a catalyst in my sexual awakening, it was only right that I should expect him to give me satisfaction.

This day I was all alone at home after coming back from school. I did all my chores and then went off to Uncle Emeka’s house but he was not at home, same thing for uncle Gboyega. I was depressed because I was as horny as hell and needed to be fucked really brutally. A clean sweet fuck would not do it for me but something hard, dirty, brutal: so I walked dejectedly back into our house and put on one of the blue films that James had hidden in his room. He had shown me his stack of pornographic films and where he hid them one day after our usual fuck session. I sat watching the film with my gown raised to my waist, not wearing panties and playing with my pussy. But all the orgasms I had felt inadequate as what I wanted was a hard cock.

Suddenly, I had an inspiration. I opened the fridge and selected a big long cucumber. I had once watched a film with James where the woman used a cucumber to fuck herself to many climaxes. I had never tried it but felt it was now time. I ran to James room to select the desired film from his stash. Seeing the one I wanted, I quickly slotted it in, sat on the couch with my legs spread and my chosen cucumber held in my hands when was soon rewarded with the sight of a well-endowed porn star picking a very big and long cucumber and proceeded to fuck herself with it.

I had selected a sizable one of the cucumber, quite big and long. I was feeling experimental and envied the woman on the screen who had inserted a very bulbous cucumber into her pussy. Her pussy was gaping wide as the cucumber stretched it obscenely. Eagerly, I scooted my butt up a few inches until it was right at the edge of the couch, then I leaned back and spread my legs wide apart. I could barely see the screen anymore but the sounds were enough, and between my heaving oversize boobs, I had a good view of where my legs came together. Gulping slowly and watching the woman on the screen, I began to run the vegetable up and down my slit, trying to get it wet and ready but almost making myself cum in the process. After a moment or two I realized I was just trying to put it off. The point of this was supposed to be so that I could feel something large, and hard, inside my cunt, and to fuck myself stupid with it. I wanted to drive myself as crazy as I could, to imagine it was one of the uncles fucking me.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I panted and groaned as I slowly forced the cucumber inside me. It was amazing to feel as my young pussy slowly expanded to take in the large object. Just like that it was sliding into me but I didn’t pause to appreciate it. It still hurt a little as the cucumber was way bigger than James or any of the uncles’ cock and their cocks being the only thing apart from my fingers that had invaded my pussy. I began panting heavily as I continued to force it inside me, ever so slowly, wiggling and adjusting my buttocks each time the cucumber seemed stuck. And then I felt my fist, which was clutching the vegetable at its base, resting against my wet pussy. It was as deep inside of me as it could go.

I let out a long breath and let go of the object. I felt bloated inside, but it was a pleasant feeling. I stared down at my tummy, trying to get a good look of it protruding from my cunt. I could just barely see its stem. After a moment of staring like this I began to feel something else, too. Little waves of pleasure began emanating from my womb. I felt the early sparks of an incredible orgasm. My breathing got deep again as I enjoyed the feeling. I began squeezing my boobs with one of my hands even as I began to squeeze the object inside me with pussy muscles. Suddenly I realized I’d pushed it out an inch or two, though, so I grabbed it again with my right hand and pushed it back where it belonged. Only the feeling of pushing it back in was a shock that made me cry out with pleasure. It felt so good, to push it back in now that my pussy was used to its girth that I had to feel it again. And that’s when I finally began fucking myself with the thing. First I’d only pull it out a couple of inches and slide it back in place, but soon I was practically unsheathing it before ramming it back home. I grunted in time with the thrusts and marvelled at how my entire body would become electrified. Over and over I fucked myself with the cucumber until I was seeing stars and cumming over and over again. The giant orgasm I had anticipated had turned out to be a series of body-engulfing ones, and I was just fine with that. I bucked up and up to meet each thrust of the cucumber that my hands were making. I groaned and moaned as I slammed the cucumber in and out of my cunt and suddenly realized that I was saying the words, “Slut!” and “Whore!” in time with the thrusts and the words coming from the film on tv. I was cheering myself on and getting myself even hotter by calling myself the nasty names these men kept calling this woman. They were words I’d never used before in any context, but my vocabulary had expanded a lot since James and the uncles began fucking me.

I picked up the pace and really began fucking myself with the cucumber until, once again, I was blinded by a series of amazing orgasms, that streamed through my body and seemed to want to tear me apart. Still in the throes of my cucumber imposed orgasm, a fuzzy noise invaded my subconscious.

‘’Anjelica, Anjelica’’ I thought I heard but my brain was still too fuzzy to properly interprete the sound I was hearing.

“’Angelica, Angelica, where has this stupid girl gone to now? I thought it was the voice of my uncle

‘’sir, sir’’ I stammered in response as I quickly put off the tv and shoved the cum covered cucumber back into the fridge. I then made to open the doors as if I had been sleeping all along.

‘’What are you doing that you didn’t hear me shouting since? My uncle asked angrily as imade to collect his briefcase from him.

‘’I I I I wwwasss ssllleeeepinggg sirrr’’ I stammered, too shaken and relieved that my uncle had not caught me in the act. Also thankful that I had had the foresight to lock the door before I started my cucumber fuck. A subconscious part of me wondered at what he was doing at home at that time, when it was just about 6pm, but who was I to ask the landlord what he was doing in his own house.

He came in but paused at the couch to look around, he had a funny expression on his face and he seemed to sniff the air. He turned and looked at me enquiringly for a few seconds but didn’t say anything. Then he looked round the house and after a few minutes of this, he went and opened and looked thoroughly at first the kitchen, my store bedroom and then the remaining rooms, toilets and bathroom in the whole house, then went into his room. I was almost melting on my feet when I saw the way he sniffed the air and was opening and closing doors. I myself could sniff pussy smell very strongly in the room and guess my uncle must have known something was amiss, I guess he thought I was harbouring a man in the house. I sighed in relief and followed him to his room to drop his briefcase. He instructed me to get something for him to eat which I quickly did. Then he stayed put in his room till the next day. At the earliest opportunity, I quickly removed the pornographic film I was watching and returned it to James room.

About two nights later, I jolted awake by a presence in my room. I however, remained still as I slowly opened my eyes and could barely make out my uncle’s figure in the room. He stood at the foot of my mattress clad only in a towel tied round his waist staring down at me. I was baffled and thought he was looking for something. I very nearly made him realise I was awake so that I could help him get what he wanted, but something, I can’t say what made me remain in the position I was in, feigning sleep. I usually sleep naked with only a wrapper for the cold. Usually during hot seasons, I wake up to see the wrapper discarded in my struggle against the heat.

This fateful night, I was sleeping face up with the wrapper only covering my loins but with my chest naked and my young but full boobs proudly standing firm on my chest. My uncle was looking down on me and I saw that he had a huge bulge on the towel front. Then he licked his lips and then bent down softly and lay beside me. His hands sneaked slowly forward as he started caressing my boobs and nipples. My body quivered but I still pretended to be asleep. Then slowly, ever slowly, I felt his hands move down towards my groin area as he carefully removed the wrapper that was covering my pussy mound. He stared down at the triangle between my legs with a lust filled expression and I saw his whole body shake as he touched my pussy mound. Then his finger began to probe its way inside of me, and I felt myself grow wet with excitement, his finger was gently sliding up and down the folds of my pussy and I pretended I was oblivious to it all. It was difficult to pretend as my body had tensed up when his finger entered my tight wet pussy but I did it, I didnt want him to know that I was awake, I didn’t want him to stop. His finger continued sliding in and out of me at first slowly but then increasing pace until it became fast, I didn’t know when a sound escaped my lips,


He tensed and his fingers stopped their movement but I also stilled my breathing and controlled my reaction to his fingering. After moments of him watching my face intently and convincing himself that I was still asleep, he continued his fingering movement. I was gyrating my hips softly to meet and encourage his fingers but it all seemed as if I was doing it unconsciously. My legs had opened up wider for his exploring fingers but I did it all subtly so as not to rouse his suspicion. He must have thought my reaction was subconscious not knowing that I was wide awake and enjoying all he was doing. Then when I was almost climaxing, he stopped and withdrew his finger from my sopping wet pussy. I sighed in frustration and moved my body about the mattress. He just sat there looking at me as I made as if I was having dream throes.

Some few minutes later after he must have convinced himself that I was fast asleep again, I felt him above me, now, his large 50+year-old frame towering above my teenage 19-year-old body. I pretended to be was snoring, though. I was actually kind of whimpering, too, I couldn’t help it. So when my uncle took his naked cock and placed it against the folds of my vagina, he thought I was asleep. And my pussy was wet from the fingering. And my legs were already spread. He stared at my face and his hands came down onto my boobs once he let go of his cock and allowed it to slide, finally, into my hungry pussy. His hands came down on my shoulders. It was slow going: my pussy was impossibly tight, and warm, and shoving his cock into it turned out to be quite a chore. After he got a few inches in, I began to gasp. He stared at my face and saw my lips parting but still with eyes closed His beefy, wrinkled hands kneaded my over ripe boobs again. I was pretending to be asleep while my aunt’s husband fucked me in my own bed. I found it very erotic and would have loved to howl in pleasure but figured that I had to keep with the pretence if I didn’t want the pleasure to abruptly end.

Finally, all nine inches of his thick cock were inside my body. I looked down through my lashes and saw that it was quite a sight. His thick curly pubic hairs pressed against my fresh young body, his cock buried inside of me to the hilt. He took a moment to rest; I guess a moment to enjoy the incredible feeling of this fresh, young pussy. My breathing had picked up, but anyone would thing that I was definitely still unconscious. She had to be. He began to pull out of me and in panic thought his conscience had kicked in. then he began to move slowly, keeping his eyes on my face while he thrust in and out of me. My breathing had picked up even more, and I was making that oval expression again.

Thrust after thrust, he violated me. I had begun to unconsciously pant with each inward stroke he made. My pussy felt like the end of a thousand nerve endings. Each time he thrust into me, I would jerk back to meet his thrust. I wanted to wrap my legs round his waist and wail as my orgasm shook me but I knew that would be giving up the pretense and maybe ending the fuck and gawd! i didn’t want the fuck to end just yet, I felt ready to explode. I was completely limp underneath him, and he fucked me like a rag doll, each thrust jiggling my boobs and moving her smaller light body back and forth on my mattress. Minutes passed, and I was in ecstasy as my body exploded in waves after waves of pleasure and my toes curled up unconsciously, he didn’t stop, I was at his mercy but I loved it so. After ten minutes of continuous pummeling, of thrusting his hard cock in and out of my tight little cunt, he was finally ready to explode as I felt his cock grow harder inside me, as I felt him push his cock deeper inside me and pump load after load of his hot sperm inside my clutching pussy, another explosive orgasm wracked my body as I couldn’t help it as my legs wrapped around him, and my arms came alive and draped themselves over his hairy shoulders. Moans came unannounced from my lungs.

“Angelica?” he panted, looking at me intently.

But there was no response. I held myself still and unresponsive, my eyes were closed and my mouth was motionless. Convinced I was still asleep, he thrust his cock all the way inside of me once more and let it explode again. He grunted and I groaned as he pumped my little tummy full of his sperm.

After he finished cumming and pulled out, he studied my expression. My legs were no longer wrapped around him, and I had let my arms fall back to my sides, too. Then he slowly got off the bed, took one of my cloths from off the floor and used it to clean my wide open pussy of his dripping sperm. Satisfied all was ok, he opened the door of my room slowly, stepped out and closed the door behind him. I waited a few moments to confirm he had entered his room and was sure when I heard the door of his room open and close. I then felt between my legs at the rapidly closing hole that was my pussy. His sperm was still trickling out of me, so I did a proper job of cleaning.

The next morning, everything was normal between us and uncle showed no sign that he had fucked me the previous evening and I did not show any sign that I was awake. What could I even do if I did? That became a pattern with us as my uncle would come to my room almost every other night to fuck me and I would pretend to be asleep. It got to a stage that I stopped pretending to be asleep and let him know that I was wide awake during those fuck sessions by how I would move, groan and moan and wrap my legs around me when we fucked. One time I turned and indicated that I wanted it doggie and though he hesitated at first, he finally acceded as we both know the game was up.

That was how I became my uncles fucktoy too, but my uncle was not using a condom with me and when I asked him to, he refused. We continued fucking even when my aunt returned from the conference and I was a perfect complete submissive sex slave to my uncle, James, my cousin, uncle Emeka our neighbour, uncle Emeka’s friend and uncle Gboyega. But I was still growing, still learning and my body was still craving. I seem to have enough or want to say no.

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