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Must Read: 29 Hours (18+)..Part 1

“Oh yes, shopping.” I repeat with a smile. Together we leave the alley, and pause at a street vendor’s stand. After purchasing some lemonade, we share the sweet and tart beverage, while strolling down the sidewalk. Coming to a rest, we look at a reflection of ourselves in one of the shop windows. Gazing at his reflection, I take in his strong features and confidence. Staring back at me is a man, so full of life and love. A caring person who made a wish and somehow fate stepped in, allowing it to take place. My gaze travels down to our hands, noticing how his is curled on top of mine, protecting me, sheltering me, showing a sense of ownership. With each pulse of my body I can feel the need to keep us in this time and place. Neither one of us wants our 24 hours end, but we know it will, and we know it must.

Moving on we continue to walk past people and shops. Each one smiling at us as if acknowledging us as a matched set. I know that he is my soul mate and that somehow and for some unknown reason we were not allowed to find each other through normal means. Feeling his gentle pull of my hand we move into inside one of my favorite shops. “Oh how wonderful,” the spark of excitement sounds in my voice. He chuckles, opens the door and follows in behind me.

The wind brings a mixture of melodies to my ears as it stirs the windchimes, spread throughout the room. Taking in the different colors and shapes, as well as all the different musical notes playing in the air, I sigh happily. He has touched my heart by bringing me here. He has remembered one of my many passions. Silently we move through the displays. Our hands softly stir the windchimes. Closing my eyes I hear each different note. My fingers stir the bars and strings. As sunlight pours through the window, rainbows are formed. They dance across the walls, floors and my lover’s body. The beautiful colors shimmer and shine bringing a sense of peace to the room. Sliding from one to the other I gaze over them, pausing beneath a beautiful glass blown chime. A star, about the size of my palm, rests at the top. Suspended from it are various shapes and sizes of more stars. Looking at the tag and reading its title; Wishes. I realize we must have this one. Bringing it down, placing it in my lover’s hands and he smiles his agreement. He too knows the meaning of the chime’s name. We move together, pay for our purchase, return to the sunny street and head towards the clothing shop.

My memory recalls what had transpired early this morning. The arousing state of my lover had spilled over into the alley. Being made love to, with the brick wall pressed against my Bosom, will be one of many enjoyable memories. Closing my eyes I breath in the faint scent of our S#xual release. The tingles and shivers he had given me run through my body again. Sensing his eyes on me, he too knows what I am thinking. Pulling me close to him, his lips touch mine in a hard and heated kiss. My fingers curl in his hair. His tongue slides forecefully against mine making me give him possession of my mouth. His teeth tug, and pull at my bottom lip. Sucking it with firm pressure. “Oh god,” I moan against his onslaught of desire. My legs weaken from his touch. He pulls my hips closer against him. His passion for me stirs once more. My mind races. I only have him for this moment. How will this moment ever be enough? Pushing deeper against his tongue, I can feel the driving force to stop time time. I know I don’t have that power. Slowly our kiss calms, his forehead presses against mine. “Ahhh.. my sweet,” he sighs. Together we continue on our way to the shop.

We step in, shuffling back and forth. Many hangers and folded bundles of clothes surround us. Noticing that he is looking at various items of clothing, I continue to pass over things. Jumping slightly, his hand startling me as it cups my left butt cheek. He pulls my hips against his pelvis. “Try this one.” He passes around a lovely blue summer dress. Even without trying it on it will be the perfect fit. My fingers slide over the soft material and rich color. Standing on my toes I press a kiss upon his cheek, asking him to wait for me. He agrees. I move off to the back of the store, glancing back, seeing him thumbing through a catalog. Sensing my stare, he nods his head, urging me to proceed. Rolling my eyes at his impatience, I close the curtain, blocking his or anyone else’s prying eyes.

Looking at the reflection in the mirror I see a flushed faced woman. So full of giddiness and sparkle, as she spends a day with her love. Quicky lifting the ruined blouse, I gaze at my Tips. Flat now compared to the hard peaks they had been earlier when we had made love. The rosy buds begin to change and start showing some arousal as my thoughts take shape. Shaking off my growing desire I slip the belt open, release the button and zipper of my skirt, and slip it down my body. Laying both skirt and blouse in a pile I step from my sandals. The cold draft of air hits my Unclad skin. “I’m not ready,” I say, knowing it is him. My body sensed him, smelled him.

His arms wrap around my waist, pulling me back. The soft texture of his shirt, the coarseness of his shorts both rub against my flesh. It seems extra sensitive as a hand splays across my stomach and fingers slide against my ribs. My head falls back against his shoulder. Turning my lips to his, our mouths press gently together. Tongues slide as each one marks the other. Fingers dance along my sides bringing a purr from my throat. His hands move along my arms. He slips slowly around me, kissing my neck. Gently he presses me down. My butt sits down on the bench and my eyes darken as he lowers himself to his knees.

Tilting my head back, my Buttocks scoots closer to the edge of the bench. His fingers press against my knees, opening my legs. Watching his tongue slide along my inner thigh, goose-bumps appear on my arms. Shivering, my legs spread further apart. “Beautiful,” his voice whispers to me. He reaches up to cup my Bosom. A slick path from his tongue continues to trail up my thigh. My Tip tingles as his fingers begin to roll it between them. Biting my bottom lip to keep the sounds of desire from escaping my body urges him on. Pooling desire begins to ease itself from my Kittycat. His tongue reaches out to taste one small drop. Easing gently, he slides it along the curls of my bush, lapping at my skin. Heat and fire escape me as with each touch more passion ignites. Running my fingers into his hair, I press closer to his seeking mouth. Each stroke continues to slide across me. Finally, he moves his hand to part the wet lips of my sx.

Looking into my eyes, he moves his tongue between the folds. Sounds of his loving reach my ears. Shifting my Buttocks to accomodate his need, his tongue slides in deeper. The textured muscle moves up and down my slit. My clit is swollen with need. His teeth nibble gently at a finger is slid between the moist lips. “Oh god!” My body responds to his caresses, releasing more fluid. My head moves right to left with each lap of his tongue. I watch as he moves his head back and forth on my s
x. A second finger slides in with the first, both begin to slip and slide along my walls. Passion pumps through my veins. My hips thrust forward, bringing his fingers and tongue deeper inside me. Quickening the pace of his fingers more juice covers him. Pushing deeper into me he feels the soft fleshy walls, coaxing them to clasp around his fingers. My lover moves the questing digits, screwing them into me. His thumb works on my clit, teasing and taunting it. His tongue slides between my clit and the folds of my Kittycat. His fingers seeking out the spot that will release my darkest desires.

Each turn of his fingers cause mine to curl in his hair. My hands move to the bench, lifting my rear so his face can devour me. No longer can I keep my eyes on him. Clenching them tightly shut, my lip aching from the bite I have continued to press on it. My sounds of release are trapped behind my closed mouth. My senses take over as he continues. Each pumping of his fingers brings me closer to exploding. The pressure of his tongue stroking and licking drives me closer to the edge. A great precipe is where my body hovers, waiting for that final drive of force to take me over its edge.

I feel it. The first crash against the rocks of the cliff wrack my body. Each slam of orgasm tenses my muscles. My Buttocks lifts higher. He moves one hand away from my Kittycat and cradles my Buttocks, holding me to his face. Moving faster he licks and sucks the juices that empty from me. Blowing air into my Kittycat as he slides his head back and forth. Tears form behind my lids as the bite on my lip deepens. My body needs release, needs to scream out his name. Wave upon wave of sweet liquid flow from me, passion rocks across my body. I can feel something holding back. Lifting his head from my wet Kittycat, he demands to me to give it up, release to him everything. My mouth opens and with the call of his name, my body finally gives up the explosion of force that I had been holding back. He thrusts harder. Sucks harder. Drives harder into me. Calling my name between his onslaught of war. “Oh! My God!!” I scream and thrash as each blinding orgasm shoots through me.

Feeling the kisses against my thighs, slowly my body calms. My eyes refocus on his face, taking in the moisture of our loving. His eyes dark with desire for me, I pull his face up to mine. Our lips kiss once more, the scent of me stirs my body bringing a final little spasm to my loins. “I love you,” he tells me.

Rising to his feet he strokes my hair and leaves the dressing room. Sitting there, my mind in awe, of the man who has brought me more joy over the last few hours then I had ever known. Breathing slowly, my body begins to take on its normal state of rest. Though my hands shake slightly, I pick up the blue dress. Standing, my heavy passion filled arms lift the dress and slip it over my body. Hands that don’t seem as if they are mine slide down my frame and smooth out the wrinkles. Looking into the mirror, a woman stares back. Her hair is in tangels and her mouth swollen and red. Her eyes sparkle, her face flushed, her body shakes and her heart, seen through the eyes of all who know her will reflect the love of one man.

Exiting the shop, we move back towards my home. My hand clenched in his. Our windchime nestled safely in its box, my old clothes in a bag, we arrive at the edge of my yard. Turning towards me, his eyes rest on mine. “A nap my love,” he says to me. Nodding my head, I agree. Together we move back into my house. Slipping the new dress from my body, I slide between the covers. Watching him move about the room as he pulls the curtains closed and removes his clothing, my mind drifts over the day.

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“Not a long nap,” I tell him. “We only have so many hours. I don’t want to use them all by sleeping.” Sorrow shows in my face as I check the clock. The ghostly, green glow of its numerals scream at me; 12:30. His hand reaches out to mine as he slips between the blankets and pulls me close to him.

“Not long love. I promise. Just a short ‘cat nap’.” His arms wrap around me. He places his hand upon my head, tucking me under his chin and against his chest. My eyes drift shut. My mind focuses on the beat of his heart, as sleep over takes us both.

To Be Continued…

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