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Tags: Fantastic

STORY: Nurse Sandra (18+) Part 2

Then his release was suddenly upon him. The gush of white-hot Pour shot out wildly from the slitted tip of his rooster-head, splattering against the back of her throat until Sandra’s mouth was filled with viscous jism. Swallowing frantically so she wouldn’t miss a drop of his tasty rooster-cream, she sucked even harder on his spurting Joystick, her juicy mouth working like a suction pump around his erupting prick.
As the youth’s wild climax finally ended, Sandra reluctantly removed her mouth from his limp, wet prick.
“Oh, Miss Bayo,” he whispered, a deliciously relaxed glow on his face. “That was wonderful.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she whispered, kissing him on the cheek with her Pour-soaked lips. “Now I’m sure you’ll be able to sleep.”
Leaving him, Sandy hurried down the hall to meet Lekan Woyo, the young Medical student she’d been steadily dating for the past few months.
Sandra was a Hot light-skinned of twenty-four. The hot-cunted nurse had been wild about cocks for as long as she could remember. It had all started in her early childhood when a little boy next door had asked her to play with his prick. It had excited her so much that she was soon messing around with all the little kids in the neighborhood. As the years passed, Sandra’s lust for cocks seemed to increase. By the time she was twelve, the cute little darling had made up her mind to become a nurse. She fully realized that no other profession could offer her so much opportunity to handle and play with dicks. Most of the male patients in the hospital considered her an angel because of the way her fingers and tongue discreetly ministered to their S#xual needs whenever they had a hard-on.
Sandra’s parents had been killed in an automobile crash a couple of years ago, and she was raising her younger sister, Deborah. Her pretty little sister was completely opposite from Sandy. The lovely teenager didn’t seem to be the least bit interested in s*x. Although she was going steady with Meka Tochukwu, her scondary school age boyfriend, she made him keep his hands to himself.

Deborah enjoyed it when he kissed her, and she occasionally allowed him to handle her bosoms from outside her blouse or sweater, but that was as far as she’d allow him to go.
When Sandra got to the end of the hospital corridor, Lekan Woyo was waiting for her.

“Hi, darling,” said the handsome med student as he lowered his mouth down to the softly parted lips she offered up to him.
“You’re cute,” she whispered after their quick kiss ended.
“So are you,” said Lekan. “But I taste rooster on your lips.”
“I just sucked off that kid with the broken leg,” she giggled. “He couldn’t seem to get to sleep.”
“That was very thoughtful of you,” laughed the med student. “You certainly take good care of your patients.”
“Thank you.”
“Is Debo home tonight?” he asked, referring to her kid sister.
“I think so,” she answered. “This is doesnt stay in the dormitary again.”
“Oh, poo,” he sighed. “I was looking forward to a hot piece of Buttocks tonight.”
“So was I.”
“Where can we go?”
“There’s no one in room 428 at the end of the hall,” she whispered, a teasing promise in her glowing eyes.
“But we can’t Bleep right here in the hospital,” he gasped.
“Why not?” she giggled. “You’ve got a rooster and I’ve got a Well. There’s a bed in there and that’s all the equipment we need.”
Taking his hand, Sandra led the handsome med student down the hall to room 428.

To Be Continued…

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