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Tags: Fantasy

Touch chapter 4

The girls had headed to the bathroom to clean themselves up while Jackie, thankfully, got dressed to talk to me about what I had just seen.

"Look bro, you can have anyone you want with what you can do, any girl becomes your slave if you want them too", he spoke with that almost sickening smirk across his face, I knew I couldn't trust him for a second. "Go talk to Robin, she'll talk you through all the boring stuff", he pointed to the elevator.

I simply nodded and walked towards the elevator as fast as I could without making it look like I was desperate to get away from him. Something about him just weirded me out. I hit the button for my exit and got in. The doors shut, also shutting me off from the world for a moment.

I exhaled a heavy breath, I was tense, worried and was just generally not feeling good about this now. I wanted to figure out what was happening but making women into my sex slaves wasn't really the answer I was looking for, not that it didn't intrigue me. As soon as he said I could have any woman my mind focused on Jessica, not some super model or Angelina Jolie, my twin sister. The one girl I could never use this on...

I realised I had been standing there for quite some time without pressing any of the elevators buttons. My hand went for the '3' which would take me to my explanation but I stopped. My hand drifted slowly towards the button back to the ground floor, to the exit. I didn't want to fall into the wrong crowd, who these guys most certainly were, but what would be the point? They went to the same college as me and there was no way to avoid them the rest of my life.

I hit the button and headed down to the third floor, the doors opened to another wonderland. Instead of the more grungy area that Jackie had, this was more like a 5 star hotel. Everything was in pristine condition from the large bookcases to the hardwood flooring to the chandelier, there was a very golden and white theme about this place. It was classy and I almost felt underdressed just standing there.

"Come on in John, I assume Jackie was too 'busy' too help you understand" Robin looked up from her book with a slight smirk. I took a single deep breath before walking to the four poster bed that seemed to be coated in silk, this is were Robin was laying. I couldn't help but run my eyes all over this beautiful young woman.

She sat up and patted the bed next to her, I took the invitation and sat upon the bed that felt as if it were made of angel feathers it was so soft.

"Ask away then John, the more you learn now the better" her voice soothed me and helped me relax a little better, she was the only one of the three I felt a little at ease with. I dragged my eyes away from her supply form, it was time for answers.

"First of all" I started "what is it that we do?" 

"We control emotions, when we touch people" she stated like it was the most simple thing in the world. The statement itself was enough to drop my jaw to the ground though, that wasn't possible.

"What like magic?" I asked with a hint of sarcasm, it was ridiculous. 

"We're not completely sure, we think it's more chemical you know, like that it's passed through our skin to others when we touch them, though it works through clothes too" again she spoke like it was no big deal.

"So say thats all true, what could go wrong? Like side-effects?" I asked again, if this was what was happening then I had to know what could go wrong.

"The only things we've noticed are that if your inexperienced like you are now, then you could not just pass on emotions but absorb them as well" she went on "think back, on your birthday, the first day of your power coming through, a girl pushed past you. She was really upset and when you touched, you got just as upset as she did, but it was only temporary as you may of noticed"

I remembered that moment clearly, "How did you know that?" I said slightly stunned. 

"I just happened to be nearby at the time, it's how we found you" she smiled back with that gorgeous smile.

"Lucky me" I retorted. "Wait, if this is true then how come nothing like this has happened before?"

"The power doesn't become useable until your 18" she told me. "I've only been using mine for a few months while Jackie and Marco have had there's for a couple years now"

All I could do was just nod along, it made sense.

"Look John, you may be confused but believe me, this is the best thing that's ever happened to you. Just practice with it, think hard about what you want someone to feel and just touch them, I'm sure you can do it." her song-like tone of voice helped soothe me to this life changing information.

"Remember though, you can implant an emotion easier by how you touch. Anger by hitting, love by hugging, lust by kissing. Also that people don't know they're being manipulated but the longer you invoke one the same emotion out of one person, the harder it is to make them feel different." She spoke as she pointed up to Jackie's floor, his girls were pretty much irreversible from their current state, I could tell. "Also if you touch someone with a clear mind, you can read their emotions instead".

My mind had little time to process this before the realisation of the situation set in on me all of a sudden, had I just realised that I was sitting on a bed with Robin White? One of the most attractive girls I'd ever seen. My eyes fell into hers while we sat in silence for a moment, instead of digesting this information I was stricken by her beauty. 

I began to think to myself, 'so if I can use my touch to get girls horny, just like I had done these past two days, and touching people in key areas helped that feeling come across quicker...' She had told me to practice. Was she leading me on perhaps?

I let myself fill with feelings of lust and quickly latched a hand onto her D cup breast, it was so soft I couldn't let go of it, my fingers sank into it like quicksand. I looked back into her eyes expecting her to pounce on me much like Kelly had but I was met with an expression that told me exactly what she was about to say.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she sternly said right at me. I got up off the bed quickly, releasing her boob in the process.

"Another thing John, you can't effect another person with the same ability" she shook her head "what were you going to do exactly? Just have your way with me right here and now?".

My lips couldn't even form sounds let alone words to explain myself, what did I think was going to happen exactly? She just sat there and shook her head before raising her hand and pointing to the elevator. 

"Just go would you, I didn't think you were like this John." she sighed disappointingly.

She was clearly getting angry and I was too stupid to just apologise before I rushed back to the elevator and pressed the button. The doors shut to hide me from her glare as I headed back to the ground floor and out of the building, back to the real world.

The sun hit my face hard as I readjusted to the days brightness before it sank in, I'd missed out two extremely obvious questions. Who was Number 1? Why did he pay the others so much? To collect people with our ability? I should've asked. I tried to relax and think about my next move.

Who was going to be my practice girl so to speak? I needed someone I could test these things out on without it being too weird that were seen together. Only one girl came to mind, Izzy. My sisters best friend Izzy who I knew had a crush on me, Jessica had told me it once but it was always pretty obvious. She was certainly attractive enough so why not?

I had her number on my phone, I had gotten it off Jess' in case she was with her and forgot her own phone. I leant back against the building wall to type out the text to get her to me after college.

With that being done I realised college was exactly were I should be, I hurried there as quickly as my legs could carry me. I got back just in time for lunch break where I found my friends in our usual spot, the picnic bench by the trees, I gave them a wave as I strolled up to them.

"John, where have you been? That freak Jackie and his gang said they had business with you and threatened us into leaving you behind" Ian said clearly worried.

"Oh it wasn't anything too interesting, don't worry about me" I replied with a lie without knowing why I did. These were my closest friends but I felt as if they weren't allowed to know, that information on my new group wasn't for their ears. They all seemed to shrug it off and thankfully didn't ask again. 

I had sat down next to Kelly before I even realised it, I guess I didn't really think about it. She still seemed a little awkward around me after our sexual encounter but what was she really feeling? If only I could touch someone and understand their feelings, oh yeah, now I can.

I cleared my mind as best I could before lightly placing my hand on her knee so as not to arouse suspicion from Ian or Ash. Kelly jumped slightly to my touch but not enough for anyone to notice, my mind became filled with tangled emotions, Kelly's emotions. I didn't let them overtake me, I stayed focused as best I could while trying to sort though it all.

I could feel myself getting to the root of the problem, guilt. Guilt? Was this guilt I could feel? But why? She felt like she had betrayed someone, I kept focused on her guilt before I got snapped out of it.

"John? John! Your bleeding" Ian was telling me as I returned to reality which caused my hand to leap off Kelly as fast as it could.

"Huh?" I mumbled back.

"Your nose dude" he said while pointing towards my face. I could feel the warm drops of blood slowly dripping from my nose. I touched it with my fingers and stared at the crimson liquid upon them, my head ached unmercifully as I regained my whereabouts. What the hell was that?

I headed to the bathroom at once clean myself up, that had really hurt, I suppose it was a side effect of my ability. I did learn one thing though, Kelly felt as if she had betrayed someone by sleeping with me.

My brain was beating in my head like my skull had shrunk for the rest of the college day, thankfully it cleared up by the time I said my goodbyes to my friends and got home. My Mom greeted me as soon as I walked in.

"Hey stud, there's a girl waiting for you in your room" She said in the prying voice and winked. She was always like this when I had girls over to see me, which honestly wasn't often. "Finally getting with Izzy are you? She's been drooling over you since you were both 14". 

Had it been that long? I guess it had, Izzy had been best friends with my sister since just after we came to Florida in the first place, but she didn't start coming to the house until around then.

"Shut up Mom" I joked while rolling my eyes and heading upstairs.

"Just keep the noise down champ" she winked and wandered off, she was such a child when she wanted to embarrass me. 

Wait, Mom sent her to my room? That was a first, almost as if she wanted this to happen. Mom loved Izzy like she was her own so I guess us getting together would be perfect for her.

I opened my door and there she was in all her divine beauty, the petite young woman was unaware that she was here for me to practice my ability on without getting caught. I knew I had to be careful though, I wouldn't allow her to become like Jackie's twins.

My eyes ran over her, her long blonde hair had been put back into a ponytail which let her eyes shine right off her face. Her low-cut tank top showed off the smooth skin her B cup breasts, while her short skirt let me look up and down those long legs with ease.

"Hi John, I got your text obviously, your Mom let me up but I didn't touch anything" she rambled, I could tell she was embarrassed. I didn't need words, just like with Kelly I could just show her how I felt. 

I smiled and made my way towards her, I could see her cheeks blushing from the other side of the room but it was even cuter up close. I took her hands in mine and intertwined my fingers with hers. A warm feeling overcame me, I could tell it was the purest form of love. She was in love with me and without letting the feeling overtake me I knew I loved her too. I loved her like I loved Kelly or Ash or my Mom or my Sister. I wanted all of them.

I focused on her feelings, making her want to kiss me so much it hurt. She slipped her hands free of mine before reaching up over a foot in height to pull my head down so our lips could meet for the first time.

I let my hands slide around her little waist while slowly but surely our tongues found each others. We made out like we had all the time in the world, like nothing else mattered and I could feel myself getting harder by the second. My feelings of love were slowly mixing with my primal urges to bed this girl as fast as I could.

I could feel her wanting it too, the longer we kissed the hotter it got as her own lustful thoughts kept building. I wanted her to tell me what she wanted, what she truly desired me to do to me. I worked it in to her feelings, making sure that she could speak freely to me.

Our lips broke apart so she could whisper to me, "John I've been saving myself for you, make love to me right now. Make me your woman, take me now". She didn't have to ask me twice.

I led her backwards and gently laid her back on my bed, I knelt between her legs on the floor and gave her thighs gentle kisses, just enough to tease her slightly. She was gasping louder and louder by how far I went up, I knew I'd done just enough when her hot pink panties showed obvious wetness.

My fingers slid into the sides of them before slowly pulling them off and got a look at her tiny wet pussy. Instead of pulling her skirt off I simply rode it up to give me a full view, it was shaved smooth just the way I liked it. I could feel her anticipation rising as my mouth got closer to it's goal, she whined upon the first long lick I took all away up it. Izzy tasted so good, like a warm sweetness that lingered in your mouth, I was immediately hooked on it. 

I plastered my lips onto her pussy and began devouring her, using my tongue to part her lips and slip into her hole to coax out more delicious juices. She moaned softly while she played with her own tits, pulling her top off and getting rid of her bra to touch them directly. I looked up momentarily to see her rubbing her pink nipples with her fingertips.

I focused my mouth onto her clit while getting a finger into her tight hole, I had no idea how she would take my cock considering how tiny she was, my finger seemed to fill her already. I eased my finger in and out of her while her breathing rapidly increased, we both could tell she was close.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum, your making me cum" she whimpered before her orgasm hit her like a thousand volts of electricity, her body tensed up as her juices flowed out of her. They were too good to waste, I removed my finger and began to lap up her sweetness.

Her body took a while to calm back down, her emotions were that of anticipation for what was to come next. I helped her remove her skirt while shedding my own clothes and climbing on top of her. Our bodies melted together as we kissed once more, I could feel fear for what came next, she was worried about how much her first time would hurt. 

I focused on it and with my ability I tried my best to overwrite it, replacing the fear with anticipation, I felt her worries melting away. She was ready for me, ready after years of waiting for this exact moment with me. I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes, she nodded to me, letting me know it was ok.

I rolled onto my back with her in my arms letting her rest on top of me, I could feel her hot and sticky juices leaking out onto my rock hard meat. She knelt up, straddling my hips while getting herself a position that she could control the depth I was about to go within her. She lightly gripped my cock and slid it along her pussy to her unexplored hole, ever so slowly she began her decent.

I could feel her body stretch to accommodate a new arrival, as soon as the head was in I felt her inner walls grip onto me with such strength, how much more could she really take? Her hips rocked back and forth until eventually about three quarters of me was enveloped by her grip.

She was gasping for breath like even another centimetre would split her in two, she stared into my eyes and forced a smile. Her hips began to rise and fall in time with her breaths, each time it felt as if both were getting faster. Her emotions seemed to tell me she was feeling nothing but joy as I placed my hands over her bouncing tits.

"Ahh.. touch me more, feel me inside and out" Izzy whined as she gripped my wrists and pushed my hands firmly into her chest. 

"I can feel it, your making me feel incredible, I'm going to... Ahhhh!" her words were cut off by her cries of ecstasy. Her pussy clamped down like a vice as her body rippled with her orgasm, those sweet juices ran down and drenched my cock. It took all I had not to burst right there and then.

She collapsed on my chest, I wasn't through just yet though. I rolled her onto her back and began pumping my hips as fast as I could, she was still dazed but her pussy screamed for more, it wanted my cum. I suckled on her hard nipples while my hands groped every inch of her pure soft skin.

"Izzy, I love you, I love you so much" I grunted but I don't know if my words reached her she was just moaning on instinct after that last orgasm. "Fuck, your so tight I can't hold on, I'm gonna cum inside you!" I groaned way too loud considering my Mom was home as I let loose. 

My cum spurted out hard into her and just wouldn't stop, her eyes locked onto mine as her body spasmed at this new feeling, the feeling of completely giving yourself to another person. I rolled off of her, panting for air and slowly fell into the most blissful sleep of my life. Before I did however I felt her lips press against mine and an 'I love you too'.

My last thoughts were of how peaceful her mind felt, unlike Kelly's scrambled mind it was easy to read her emotions, clear and pure happiness.

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