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Touch chapter 3

The rest of the day at college was nothing but me questioning myself and all these new situations. But that's all I had, questions. I had no idea how to get any answers, everyone I had been involved with were too awkward to even get close to, let alone talk to. The last bell of the day rang and I headed straight home without waiting for my friends this time, I wanted to be alone. 

I got into my house and went to my room immediately, the one place I hoped I could be alone with my thoughts. Just then came the knock on the front door downstairs, I ignored it completely but then I heard it again and again. Whoever was knocking clearly wanted someone's attention, I sighed heavily as I made my way back downstairs.

The instant my feet reached the bottom step the knocking ceased and an envelope fell through the slot. I approached it slowly, I felt almost as if the letter itself had been knocking for me. I picked it up and read the bold letters printed upon it 'John Blake'. Whoever posted it knew where I lived and obviously knew my name. 

I could feel there was something in there, slightly heavier than paper. I slowly tore it open as if it would hold a nasty surprise, the suspense grew with every passing second, what was in this mystery letter. I didn't find out just then.

The front door opened slowly, I quickly reacted and hid the letter behind my back, not even sure why I felt it was a secret to begin with. In walked Jessica in all her beauty, I still had a hard time looking at her after last nights forbidden make-out session. She still managed to give me a small smile as her friend followed her in. 

"Hey John" came the cheer filled voice of Jessica's best friend, Elizabeth, or Izzy as she preferred. Now I'd always had a thing for her, the 18 year old beauty stood under 5ft with the body of an petite angel. Her lightly tanned, thin frame sported a unmissable pair of B cup breasts that looked so firm they would never need a bra. Izzy also had the looks to go with it, her blue eyes and long blonde hair complimented her features so well she was just beautiful.

I gave her a quick nod and smile in acknowledgement while trying not to check her out too blatantly. Her tight tank top and even tighter denim hot pants didn't help that though, I think both girls caught me looking. Izzy looked younger than she was so I always felt a little guilty about my attraction to her.

"So we're heading out onto the beach if you want to tag along?" Izzy asked with a big grin. Honestly I wanted to go but the call of the mystery letter I held was too hard to resist. 

"Maybe next time girls" I replied "got things to do". With that said I turned and rushed back up the stairs to my room. I closed the door and leant my back up against it, my hands brought the envelope back into view. 

I pulled out the contents which was a letter with what looked like a ID card attached to it which was stuck on by a small piece of tape.

The red card was blank on the back but on the front it had in big white letters 'Touch', followed in smaller letters was my name and the an ID number. Number 5.

My head tilted towards the letter now, again it was written in that bright white text that bounced off the red paper. All it said was 'We know what you can do, in time you will too, don't contact us, we'll approach you'. That was it, no signature, no return address on the envelope, nothing.

I had no idea what was going on, somehow these people knew about me, got me a card printed up and everything. This left me with even more questions, they knew what I could do? I didn't even know that, did it having something to do with becoming some kind of woman magnet in the past couple of days? The strange emotionial encounters? All I had been given was more questions delivered to me personally. 

I set the items to one side and wandered onto my balcony, I sat on the deck chair I kept out there during the summer and looked out across the beach. I tried to piece some answers together but had no luck, my eyes wandered until they set upon two girls in particular.

Jessica and Izzy were sunbathing almost directly below my balcony, so I had a great view of them. Izzy's tiny body filled out her even tinier hot pink bikini to perfection, while my sister's white one showed off her outstanding curves. 

I stared at them both, imagining how Izzy would look naked, remembering how my sister did look. My cock stirred in my shorts, I had been trying to block out my sisters encounter with me but now it's all I could think off. Every part of her turned me on.

I must've dozed off after a while because the next thing I knew I was being rocked awake by Izzy.

"Hey John, your Mom sent me to get you for dinner" her light voice sang out to me, bringing me back into the world. 

My eyes immediately started eyeing her up as they opened from their slumber. It was obvious to her as I pretty much stared at her chest, I shook my head to try and wake up, well that and to stop myself from ogling her.

She gave me a playful slap on the head and skipped towards the door, my eyes automatically followed her ass which was once again covered by those denim hot pants. She snapped her fingers to break the spell and gave me a very knowing look.

"My face is up here you perv" she giggled as she slipped out of the door. Busted. 

I headed downstairs and we all ate together, my eyes couldn't help but wander to Izzy even if she had just caught me checking her out. Her foot gave me a little kick in the leg under the table when I got a little too distracted by her. 

We finished up and Izzy said her farewells and headed home, which was only a few blocks over, as I headed back to my room and slept through the night, well after one more glance at the Touch card.

I woke up that Friday morning feeling renewed, like today would be better somehow. I headed to the shower and let the cool water wash away my troubles for a moment. After getting dressed I headed to the kitchen for breakfast then prepared to leave. I couldn't help but feel like I was missing something so I went back to my room.

I knew what I wanted to pick up, the Touch card. For some reason it just felt like it would help me get through the day, like knowing that someone had answers would make me feel more at ease. I grabbed it and looked at it for a moment, like I was drawn to it. The small slit in the left side allowed for it to be attached to one of those clips and worn around your neck, like a backstage pass. 

I luckily had a few of those about so I clipped it on and put it around my neck, this way I couldn't lose it in the crowds of Daytona State. With that done, I turned to leave only to find Jessica in my door way with a sad expression across her gorgeous face.

"John, can we talk about what happened between us?" her voice was so soft and gently I could barely hear her. 

"I don't know what happened" I said just as softly back as I moved to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. 

"I'm going to find out soon though" I whispered as I walked past her and off out the door. I needed answer before I could explain it to Jess, she needed the truth.

I headed to the usual meeting place to see my friends but on approach I could see that they weren't there, there was however three other people I knew, well, knew of.

The three seemed to be talking amongst themselves before they all turned to look at me, these three were trouble-makers, the biggest delinquents at college behaviour-wise but were always getting the perfect grades, didn't make sense to me. But here they were, standing where my friends should be.

"There he is, our newest friend" spoke up the 'leader' of the group, Jackie. Now Jackie was one of those guys you just didn't want to mess with, I didn't know all the details but rumours were that he was in some pretty deep stuff. He was my height but with a bit more bulk, his brown hair was growing just long enough to reach the top of his sunglasses which he never seemed to take off. This guy was pretty much a psycho according to his reputation.

"We sent your friends on ahead John, you won't be joining them today" chimed in the female of the group, Robin. Despite her choice of friends, Robin was crazy hot, she was a little shorter than me with a perfect hourglass figure. The round firm ass along with breasts that were easily a D cup made her one of the most desirable girls around though I never saw a boyfriend with her. Her long black hair surrounded her glasses which seemed to magnify her dark, piercing eyes. 

Their comments were met with a nod from the last member of the group, Marco. Marco was a big guy, at least half a foot taller than me, with large muscles and skin that showed his Italian heritage. His short black hair topped off his head while his blue eyes were a complete contrast to his other features.

"Your coming with us today John, so no college for you" Jackie's voice had that tone like he was asking nicely but I couldn't help but feel this was not up to me. 

"Look guys, I don't want any trouble" I started before Jackie shook his head, "Oh no brother" he replied while all three reached to the inside of their tops and pulled out something very familiar, "your not in trouble".

All three of them were wearing Touch cards around their necks, just like I was. I instinctively pulled mine out too, just to see it. 

"That's the one bro" Jackie chuckled, "now let's go, we wouldn't want to be late". They started walking, not towards college though, my feet started following them before I'd even decided if it was a good idea or not. They must have answers, how else would they have know to come get me?

We walked a good 20 minutes in silence before reaching a large office building that I always thought was abandoned but with the reflective glass on the outside I didn't know what went on in there. We walked through the doors and right up to an elevator, I looked around inside, there didn't seem to be anyone else around or any other way to get to the higher floors, no stairs, nothing.

"Here we are bro, just swipe your card in" Jackie said while pointing out that there were no buttons to call the elevator, just a card reader. 

All three pairs of eyes were upon me, waiting for me to step forward. My hands tingled and I could feel the sweat on my brow, this was worrying me now but I stepped up anyway and swiped my card with trembling hands. The reader spoke 'User 5: John Blake identified' the others swiped their cards in succession.
'User 4: Marco Garcia identified'. 'User 3: Robin White identified'. 'User 2: Jackie Reed identified'. With that the doors opened and a hand patted my back which made me jump slightly and walk in.

"Calm down bro, your one of us now" Jackie's tone didn't calm me at all despite his best efforts, "I set us up a warm welcome". I looked at his grinning face, what had he got planned? He reached over to the buttons to each floor, from 5 up to 1 which seemed a little odd as the elevator couldn't go down, the floors were just named so that 1 would be the top. 1 was also the only one were the button wasn't lit up, I guess the only way to get to that floor would be via using the card at first.

Jackie pushed the button for 2 which I assumed would be his floor due to the user numbers the card reader read out. The doors opened and I gasped, before me stood a fantasy world as if Jackie's dream were contained on this office floor.

Everything I assumed he'd ever want was on this floor, it was like the contents of a whole house in there. My eyes were still processing the information they were receiving by the time Jackie spoke to me again.

"Like what you see bro?" he asked "There's one for you too once you tell us what you want in it". One for me? Seriously?

"Who pays for all this?" I just had to ask.

"Number 1 pays for it all" Robin chimed in, "the building, the furnishings, the food, water, electricity, all of it".

"But why?" I didn't understand, it almost felt as if we were being sponsored. 

Jackie let out a slightly sinister chuckle at my last comment before answering me. "Because of what we are capable of bro, I think you should of realised you ain't exactly normal". His face contorted back into a smile. "I'll show you" he added.

Robin rolled her eyes and her and Marco stepped back into the elevator, "we know what thy means Jackie, see you later newbie" she said with a wink before the doors shut and they were gone.

Jackie strolled over to the king-sized bed which upon second glance clearly had someone in it. I followed him over as he pulled back the covers to reveal a sight that dropped my jaw. 

There lay two naked Asian girls, each sleeping in the others embrace. "Wake up girls" Jackie smirked while placing a hand on each of them. They both stirred and smiled back up at him. "Let's get to work then" Jackie said as he lay down on the bed.

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