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OMG! it's the end of the world

Attention readers of whatever!

Okay yeah, ‘nother notice for ya.


Okay now that the pleasantries are out of the way, you may or may not have noticed that Some of my chapters were pulled by the censor ogre of this site, so We are at a bit of an impasse! HOLY SHIT! I don’t know what to do for once!

Okay so what are we gonna do? We have two options here to get the story back up.

Choice 1: I rewrite the story in its entirety and you become my beta readers for it. It will be in an unedited format and may include spelling and grammar errors. Technically I’m already doing this, but I’ve decided to let you have it as an option. Again this will make Joshua 28 in the story and everyone in on the story will be 18 or older as listed.

Choice 2: I just take out any of the references to age and repost the story… it’ll be up to the reader to decide the ages.

So how do we decide?

Comment. Either Choice 1 or Choice 2. Also a vote. Vote up will be choice 1. Vote down will be choice two.

Note: I’ll only be taking this particular posting as the votes instead of all. Since those votes are already in play.

One more thing. I’m letting anons vote on this one as well. Post and vote as many times as the interwebz will let you.

Okay so lets get down to when and how it will be decided. On 10/31/14 or a sooner date of my choosing, I will log on and look at the votes. I will tally up the positives and the comments for choice 1 and add them up. Then I will tally up the negatives and the comments for choice 2. Then one of the two will be posted directly after. If it’s the choice where it’s just the age stuff taken out, it’ll be posted immediately. If it’s the Choice 1, you’ll get access to the first new chapters. Again, Choice 1 is a total rewriting and though I’ve promised myself to use all the characters from books 1 through three, some of their origins or back story may change.

So in a lot of ways this is like the david situation all over again, but let me add a twist. ANYONE WHO POST, YOUR VOTE MATTERS ON THIS DUE TO THIS REASON. The votes will only be made on this site. Then I will post the new story in either format to the old HF site. Why? Well because it wasn’t fair to remove the story from everywhere but let’s put it back in a format that will never see it’s loss again.

Okay so that’s pretty much covered what else to say? Oh let me explain the age reference thing in great detail…. Okay, in the original, there was a reference to their ages in almost every paragraph, believe it or not, instead of their bodies. It would go on to say “I was” then say an age or “Like many girls her age she had” Okay, I’m gonna cut those out and reword the paragraphs. Technically this would make them all atleast 18 especially with the disclaimer at the top saying “These are the ages” then putting everyone’s age. Frankly it adjusts the story a bit without changing it majorly.

So what I’m saying is, I’m not sure if you guys liked the original but I can rework it. And if you’d like new scenarios instead of the ones I thought up originally, then good, let me know. But Your vote does matter here.

Now here’s a preview of Choice 1:


My name is Joshua Timothy Swartz. My friends call me Joshua, or Josh. My family calls me Josh, or Joshy if they tend to want something. I’m 6 feet tall. I weigh 158 pounds. I have very short red hair and green eyes. I like to stay shaved but I’ll let my beard and mustache grow out from time to time. I’m fairly muscular but not overly muscular and I spend my mornings jogging for about 2 miles a day. I spend my afternoons either gardening, or at my part time job helping people fix their electronics. I only do it part time because I don’t really need the money. I’m 28 years old and have a twin sister. Her name is Heather Lily Swartz. She’s as tall as I am. She’s never had a boyfriend to my memory, but she’s definitely into guys. Her favorite actor is Patrick Stewart and I’ve heard her say on occasion if he was 40 years younger then she’d date him, even with the bald head. I have two younger sisters who are also twins named Rebecca Sarah Swartz and Rachel Sally Swartz. They’re 24, and are identical twins. We all live in a big house with our Mother, and thanks to a lot of money that my father left behind when he died to each of us, we don’t have to want anything. Now I said My father and not our father for a reason. Becky and Rachel have a different father from Heather and I but my Mom, Natalie, has always been kind of secretive about our fathers. Why? Well I didn’t actually know at the point that I’ll be starting in on the story.

Heather, my twin sister, was a bit of a tomboy during high school, and again, didn’t have a real boyfriend but I had seen her figure plenty of times, and she did have a nice one. You know, flat stomach, nice sized tits… and I’m a bit reluctant to admit this, but I know that she’s always shaved clean. I know this because when you live in a house with 4 women it comes up in conversations or you walk in on it at least once. Plus, Heather never really kept anything from me. Now growing up, I wasn’t the type of guy to get a girl easily. Or rather I didn’t try. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, it’s that well, my father died when I was still in middle school, so I didn’t have someone I could really get some know how from and as for me just trying, there was always just one girl that I wanted to date. Well more than one, but the others… well one died due to a murderer finding out that she was a witness, and the other was my twin sister, but I had always heard it was wrong to date family so I never said anything to her. Now the remaining girl was a girl who lived down the street. She had dark skin, brown eyes, long black hair and drove me absolutely nuts to be around. I knew I wanted to date her from a young age. Well, I figured it out like any boy, I got a glimpse of her developing body at the time, and got turned on. It was only after that when I analyzed every time we had been together and realized that I was in love with her. But every time a guy asked her out, which I never did, she’d reply with a “You’re not good enough, trust me.” And then there was rumor going around that since her mom was a drill instructor that a guy would have to impress her first.

Okay so I feel like I’ve been jumping around a bit, and I have, really. So let me get back on track here. Heather, growing up with, was a bit hard on me at times. Well how can it be like that? You’ve always heard twins are close? Well, it’s true Heather and I really didn’t keep secrets from each other, but Heather, and only Heather at first, noticed my uncomfortableness around the house when she would wear something revealing or skimpy and tease me with it. My two younger sisters would pick up on this in their teenage years and share in Heather’s fun of teasing me.

Okay, now I think I might of peaked your interest about that, and I’ll get into that soon. Let’s move one to Rachel and Rebecca. Both of them, though having stunning bodies just like Heather, never wanted boyfriends. Why? Well I’m not to sure, but they always told me that they didn’t have time for the drama. Rebecca or Becky as I called her once sat down with me and told me that if she got a boyfriend then she’d have to work him into her life somehow. Then there’s the fact that he’d probably cheat on her because she wouldn’t let him get any because she was waiting for marriage, and then they’d break up, and she’d be upset and it was just too much. I know my best friend, Johnny, asked each of them out originally, but they all turned him down. Poor guy.

Okay, so I’ve covered my sisters, and my crush, let’s move on. My mother. Her name is Natalie and she’s 46 years old. She had Heather and I when she was 18, but she won’t talk about my father or my younger sisters’ father. Why? No one knows. Alright. We get our red hair and green eyes from her, except, Becky and Rachel have dyed their hair to other colors. So my mom is a woman you’d consider a milf. She may be 46, but she has a tight toned body, with no visible stretch marks, and C-Cup tits. I’ve done her laundry tons of times, and as a teenager you notice that shit. Any who, yeah attractive mom. She works as a lawyer. Yeah Mom is a lawyer, Dad is dead and left me a shit load of money…

And of course a Preview of Choice 2:

Please note that this story is altered. There are no ages listed so you must assume everyone is of legal age. Thank you and go fuck yourselves.

Just so that you know. Joshua is 20, Heather is 19, Caitlin is 19, Jessi is 19, Becky is 18, Rachel is 25, Kira is 25, and Natalie is 43.

Book 1
Chapter 1

It isn’t just like you can turn to your sister and tell her you want to fuck. No, it doesn’t work like that. But then again, if the ice is broken in that area, you can pretty much sleep with her if you want to. I came from a close family. My parents, before they split up, taught me and my sister that we’d always have each other. So we didn’t fight and we always could talk about anything. Heather is only a year younger than me, and when we introduced sex into the equation, it made us even closer. Heather and I are older now, and we’ve never been as close as we are today. We have our own lives, but we still find time for each other.

It was a late night and mom was working until close at her work, which meant she wouldn’t be home until really early the next morning. Our mother worked in a big business office. Heather and I decided to watch a movie until we went to bed. It was a hot night, and I sat down on the sofa in a pair of shorts and a wife beater, Heather must have had the same idea of keeping cool, because after her shower she joined me in a pair of tight bicycle shorts and her bikini top, with two large glasses of ice water in her hands. Her tits were small, and she was slender. I set up one of the TV trays and we settled on the couch to watch the movie. I’m not sure what movie it was, but as it got further into the plot line, things got hot and heavy. Normal for a rated “R” movie, you know the kind that’s rated “R” just so that it can have references to sex in it. It was a thriller type, I don’t remember the name but I’ve had it laying around for years. It’s an old VHS, if you believe I still have one of those, but I couldn’t help to get hard from it, and as I reached into my shorts, to adjust my half hard cock, I glanced over at Heather to see her rocking her hips against the couch. It seemed as if I wasn’t the only one affected by the movie, Heather was definitely horny. I watched as my little sister rocked her hips as if she were fucking a dick, and only grew harder.

There I was, a normal guy, looking at his sister who was barely dressed, horny as heck. I stopped seeing her as that little girl who used to follow me around, even at school and started seeing her as a woman. So what do you think I did? I leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. She kept her eyes glued on the screen but smiled. It was the opening I was hoping for. I moved down to her neck and kissed her on the neck, as she gave out a soft whimper. My hand instinctively reached down to her crotch and my fingers began to rub her through her bicycle shorts. She pushed her crotch against my hand, as I rubbed her most sensitive spot through her bicycle shorts and kissed her neck some more. She leaned over, laying down on the couch, and giving me a spot to lay behind her. I laid down behind her, and continued rubbing her as I did. I could smell her as I laid behind her, and I moved my hand from her crotch up to the waist band of her bicycle shorts. This obviously got her attention, as she quickly slid her body up against mine, and grabbed my cock, swiftly removing it from my shorts, and pulling between her legs. My hand slowly slipped down her bicycle shorts, as she began massaging the head of my cock with her fingers. I soon reached what I was going after, her young pussy. I rubbed her lips, before discovering her entrance, and slowly slipped a finger inside, causing her to gasp. She let go of my cock and adjusted her body, pulling my free arm under her, and then pulling it around her body. What she and I were doing now, I had only dreamt and fantasized about. She rocked her hips against my hand, holding her legs tightly together, which jerked my cock. With my free hand, I found myself going up her bikini top and massaging her breasts. This must have turned her on, as she was now gasping and moaning. She reached back behind her, freeing my cock from her legs, and jerked it softly as my finger picked up speed inside her. Suddenly she stopped jerking me, and arched her back, as I felt a hot liquid enveloping my finger.

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