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Line raanger & Silver

One day the lone ranger is out Riding the rage on his horse, silver. Silver was an incredibly smart horse. However later that day they were ambushed by Indians.

Bound and helpless the Indian Chief walked up and spoke to the lone ranger:

"YOu very brave, so before we kill you,we give you 3 wishes, one a day for 3 days, when done, you Die. You make first wish.

The Lone ranger considers and says "for my first wish, I Want to speak with my Horse.

A bit offended that their gift was taken so frivolously they reluctantly agree and the Lone ranger moves next to Silver strokes his noes and whispers into the horses ear.

When finished Silver tosses up his head and gallops off. This confuses the Indians until Silver returned with a very long haired red headed beautiful woman stark naked in his saddle.

At this the Indian's chuckle "white man want last night with Woman.

The next morning the Chief appears in front of the Lone Ranger "what Wish Number 2?"

Again the Lone ranger says "I wish to speak to my Horse.

Now curious the Indian's grant this, and again the Lone ranger Gently strokes Silver's nose and whispers into the Horse's ear. As soon as he finishes Silver again Gallops off.

Now the Indians wait to see what the horse will return with. Sure enough near sunset, Silver returns with a Gorgeous naked black haired woman in his saddle.

The Indians are a bit insulted that this brave man seems to have only one thought on his mind.

The Final morning the chief again approaches the Lone ranger "What want for 3rd wish"

Again the Lone ranger says "I wish to speak with my horse.

Having been thru this twice before the Indians bring silver over, only this time the Lone Ranger grabs the horses bridle, looks the fore RIGHT in the eye and says "for the last time POSSE! P *O *S *S *E! POSSE!

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