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my Dick needs correction

my Dick needs correction
wing up with a single mother and two older twin-sisters is a pain in the ass. All three of them try to spoil me with their love and I loved the attention I got from them until I hit puberty. It was then I realized what a pain they were, sure they still loved me to death and tried to get my attention but it was me who tried to avoid them as best as I can. Hell they gave me a bonner ever time they gave me a hug. I would go jack off every time I would see my mom in her tight shirts or get a look at my sister’s bare ass while they are tanning. My mom is a 33 year old woman who got knocked up twice in high-school, my dad left her as soon as he found that he got her pregnant again. Luckily my grand-parents took care of her and encouraged her to go to college which gave her an amazing job. She now works at a big law firm in California couple of miles away from where we live. She is 5'7 with silky blonde hair which ends at her shoulder blades. She has gorgeous blue eyes and a smile which makes my day. She has C cup breasts and a beautiful ass from going to the gym every other day. Jamie and Katie are my older twin-sisters, unlike other sisters who usually ignore their brothers, they really love me. Jamie was 5'8 with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes; she has a bodacious body with a perfect ass which guys in my school drool over and breasts which hang perfectly from her fit body. Katie has brown hair and brown eyes unlike Jamie, she is somewhat petite. She is 5'5 with tight ass and B cup breasts. She is just as hot as Jamie and is a real trouble maker. One might expect me to be short like the rest of my family but I must have got my dad's genes because I was 6'2 with dark hair and emerald green eyes which girls love. I began working out at 13 and by the time I was 17 it was clear that I was a body builder. I played Football, Basketball, and Baseball for my school and excelled at studies. Even though I had plenty of girlfriends there was this one girl who stole my heart and broke it at the same time. "Fucking lying manipulative slut" I muttered as I threw the car keys on the couch and went downstairs. Whenever I was angry or upset there was this one place where I could take it out, my punching bag. I didn't bother to put gloves on which was a mistake because it can cut your knuckles and started going at it pretty hard. I threw jabs and punches without realizing that my knuckles were bleeding. "Andy?" I heard Jamie from the top of the stairs and didn't respond. I heard her coming down the stairs and sighed looking at me bloody hands. "Oh my god! You are bleeding..." She ran upstairs and came back after couple of minutes with a first-aid kit. She pushed me on the couch and quickly bandaged my hands, tears started streaming down my face and she wiped them away. "What's wrong?" "What am I not good looking?" I asked her, now angry. "Andy? What happened?" She persisted cupping my face and making me look at her beautiful brown eyes. "That bitch was blowing Kyle!" I said as I let out a angry laugh. "Aww...I am so sorry Andy....that bitch...forget about her! You can get any girl you want...hell every single one of my friends would kill to go out with you" She said throwing her hands around my neck and kissing my cheek. I felt her breasts pressing tightly against my side. "You are right...I got to forget about her..." I sighed closing my eyes. We stayed there like that for couple of minutes her hugging me tightly. "Let's go to you room...and you gotta take a shower" She teased me nudging me with her elbow. She took my hand and led me up the stairs. She had a short skirt and a tight white shirt. I saw her long slender legs which were nicely tanned and ached to touch her toned thighs. She pushed me into the bathroom and plopped down on my bed. I laughed and took a nice warm shower wiping all the sweat from my body. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me after I dried myself. I looked at the mirror in front of me and wiped the fog off. I looked extremely fit and well tanned from spending so much time outside. I opened the door and stepped outside. Jamie was on her stomach with her legs raised. She was on the phone texting someone and I got a clear view of her pussy! She had no panties on; I moved a little bit closer and could make out her pussy lips and felt my erection raising. I turned back so I could go back and jack off to my hot sister but Jamie saw me. "You are back...Andy? Why are you facing that way?" She asked me and I turned around hoping that my erection subdued. "Oh my..." You could clear make out my erection and looking at her breasts didn't help me one bit at all. I bit my lip and looked at her, she had her gaze fixed on my erection and I felt my cheeks burning. "Is that because of me...were you going to jack off?" " happens when I take a warm shower..." I stammered but she was no fool. "You can't jack off with your hands all bandaged..." She said indicating to my knuckles which were bandaged. Truth was, I could jack off perfectly well with my hands bandaged but didn't say anything. "Come here..." I hesitantly moved towards her and she looked up at my body and bit her lip. She rubbed my erection through my boxers before quickly pulling it away. I instinctively tried to cover up my erection but it was too late. She had a clear view of my 8in long and 3 1/2 thick cock. She had a broad smile on her face as she pushed my hands away. She glanced at me once before gripping my cock at the base. My cock jumped and tried to smack her face. "Jamie?" I moaned as she slowly began stroking my cock. "Shhh..." She pushed me onto my bed and started fondling with my balls with her tiny hands "I am just trying to make my brother feel good..." I have received plenty of blowjobs and fucked couple of girls but the fact that it was my sister giving me one of the most amazing hand jobs I ever had turned me on. She started by stroking my cock slowly and gradually picking up the pace. She suddenly stopped and I looked down at her confused. "Why did you stop?" "Maybe we shouldn't do this...after all I am your sister" She said hesitantly "Please just this are so beautiful and that was amazing...besides I have to cum now or else I am going to have blue balls and besides...I can't masturbate" I tried to convince and she thought it about if for couple of seconds and nodded her head. She kissed my head sending lightning throughout my body before wrapping her rosy red lips around my purple knob. I moaned as my cock entered her warm and moist mouth. She slowly twirled her head around the head before licking it like a lollipop. "Ohhh fuck that feels so good Jamie..." I moaned as she tickled the underside of my cock with the tip of her tongue. She started fondling my balls with right hand and jacked me off with her other one while swirling around her tongue my head. I stroked her dirty-blonde hair and held it behind her head so I could see her pretty face at work. She licked my shaft seductively while making eye-contact with me. I shivered as she sucked my balls gently into her mouth. "Yes...take me all the way" She slowly took my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth before my head hit the back of her head. Normally this is where most girls stop and jack me off till I cum but my sex sister decided to go a step ahead. She took me deeper and deeper as she pressed her face into my stomach. I groaned as her throat muscles choked my cock and contracted. I could feel my balls churning with my cum but held it back with all will power so I could enjoy the pleasure. "Fuck I am cumming!" I gasped as she sucked me as hard as she could while coming back up. I ran my hands through her hair and my legs trembled as she took as deep as she could and started humming. The vibrations pushed me over the edge and I shot my hot cum deep into my sister’s throat. I never came as much as I did right there and my sister swallowed all of it. She kept on sucking me until I pushed her head away. "Jamie that was amazing!" I complimented her pulling her up and kissing her passionately on her lips. I massaged her soft lips with mine and pulled her bottom lip lightly and flicked her upper one with the tip of my tongue. She melted into my embrace and I slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth and explored it with passion. She moaned as out tongue wrestled for dominance neither wanting to end it. She finally pushed me away and got up from my bed. "Andy...this is between us" Jamie told me and I assured her that I will tell no one about this. She smile and kissed me quickly before leaving my room. I had a huge smile on my face as I dressed and thought about what just happened. My sexy sister just gave me a blowjob. I went on Face book and chatted with couple of my friends and quickly finished up my project which I had to submit next week. After an hour or so, I decided to go downstairs and spend some time with my family “Hi stud!” I turned around to see Katie who was just coming out of her room. Her brown hair was in a ponytail and she wore my Hockey Jersey which came up to her thighs. I could make out her small breasts for underneath the shirt and wondered whether she had any panties on. “Hi Kate…” I greeted her and felt her jump on my back wrapping her strong thighs around my body. She hugged me tightly around the neck and planted a long kiss on my cheek. I smelt her perfume which was driving me nuts and was tempted to kiss her rosy lips. “Heard you broke up with Megan…” She told me and I wondered how she found out. “Yeah…she was cheating on me…” I told her as I walked down the stairs with her clinging on to me tightly. “Are you upset?” She asked me running her small hands through my hair. She loves to mess with my hair telling me whether I should spike it up or leave it messy. “A little bit…I thought we had something going…never saw it coming” I told her entering the kitchen. “Well don’t be…she doesn’t deserve you…you are too good” She told me rubbing her soft cheeks against mine. She finally let go of me and dropped down on the wooden floor with a soft thump. “Oh my god what happened to you hands?” I nearly choked on my orange juice as my mom screamed with panic. “Mom it’s nothing…” I told her rolling my eyes as she examined my hands carefully. “Nothing!?! Andy you better tell whether you got in a fight or not…” My mom looked me angrily but I laughed. I just can’t imagine my mom being angry, she was just so loving that I laughed whenever she would put her angry face. “Andy! Aww you poor baby…” “Mom relax…he was punching his stupid bag without his gloves so he cut his knuckles…” Jamie came to my rescue. “Why were you punching your “stupid bag without your gloves”?” My mom asked me and Katie broke out laughing. “Megan was cheating on him…” Katie answered and my mom looked at me for conformation. When I sighed and nodded me head she hugged me tightly. “Aww…I am so sorry Andy…you are too good for her anyway…” My mom said kissing me lightly on my cheek. She kept on fussing on how she was a bitch to cheat on me and I knew she was going to keep this up. “Mom can we have dinner? I am hungry…” I told her and she agreed so we all sat down on the couch with a plate in our hand filled with pasta and breadsticks in front of us. I grabbed a spoon and sat down next to Katie. “Aww you poor baby how are you going to eat?” Katie cooed. She sat on my lap facing me and took my spoon. I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Katie I can feed myself…” “Nonsense…let you sister feed you” Mom said somewhere from the kitchen. Katie smiled at me and started feeding me pasta. I rested my hands on her firm asscheeks which were begging to be slapped and squeezed. “Alright mom I have a boxing match tomorrow night…are you going to be there?” I asked my mom getting up from the couch and turning the T.V. on. “I will try my best to be there for you…Jamie and Katie will be there cheering on you…right?” “Yeah obviously…” Jamie said and Katie agreed pushing the last spoon of pasta into my mouth. She got up from my lap and went to the kitchen. It was when she got up that I found out she had no panties on which gave me an instant bonner. After an hour or so, my mom decided to go to bed leaving us three. I hear Katie and Jamie giggling and wondered if Jamie told her what we did this afternoon but quickly dismissed that though. After staying up for another hour watching boring reality shows we went to our bedrooms. It was raining heavily outside and I quickly stripped naked and got under my warm covers. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t go to sleep and my erection was raging thinking about the blowjob Jamie gave. I hesitantly got up from my bed and walked up to Jamie’s room and found that she was a reading a book with a flashlight. She saw me standing at the doorway completely naked and pointed the light at me. “Andy! What are you doing here!?!” She asked me as I closed the door and stumbled on to her bed. “Jamie I really need you…I have a serious erection and it is not going down and like you said I can’t masturbate…please help me?” I tried to sound desperate and she finally nodded. “Fine but we can’t keep on doing this…we will get caught…but I am getting off too…” “Fine let’s do the 69…” I offered and she nodded her head. She took off her shirt and pulled her panties down giving me a clear view of her bald pussy lips. She got on top of me and just as she was about to turn around I grabbed her and pulled her down. I quickly covered her mouth with mine and moaned as my dick made contact with her already wet pussy. I stroked her soft hair and pushed my tongue into her moist mouth as I gently started moving my hips rubbing against her clit. She moaned deeply into my mouth as I pushed her tongue down and teased the roof of her mouth with my tongue. She smelled so good and her warm body pressed against mine as our passion increased by each second. “Stop…we need to get this over with…we can’t do this now…” She said as her eyes twinkled. I pulled her down for one last kiss before she swung her legs over and grasped my erection with her soft hands. I took my time and drank her beautiful pussy. I began by licking the inside of her thighs with my tongue gradually working my way up to her soaking pussy. I licked her sex from its entrance to her clit. I teased her inner lips with the tip of my tongue before sucking lightly on her outer lips. “Ohhhhhh god that feels soo good” She moaned as she slowly stroked my dick with her hand. I felt her hot breath on my balls and her hair rubbing against my thighs. I ignored my own pleasure and sucked her lips into my mouth and sucked on them gently. I used my tongue to massaged them and pulled them gently before doing the same to the other sides. “Ahhhhh” She gasped as her legs trembled. I sucked her clit into my mouth and sucked on it eagerly as I massaged her ass. I flicked it over and over until she was whimpering with pleasure and thrust my tongue deep into her love canal exploring every inch of her sex as I savored her sweet juice. I squeezed her ass tightly and pulled her further into me as I slowly tongue fucked her. “Ohhhh Andy feels so good” She cried in pleasure as I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go into her pussy. I spread her lips with my fingers and traced alphabets on her pussy. By the time I reached D, she was withering and cried “I am cumming! Don’t stoahhhhhhhh!” I pushed my thumb into her tight asshole and her juices flooded my mouth. I sucked on her clit furiously as I swallowed her juicy nectar. She tasted amazing almost like the fruit juice she drinks every day. I kept on sucking her clit and pushed my index finger into her sizzling cunt and felt her pussy clench around it desperately. “Ohhh please stop Andy…” She gasped as I massaged her G-spot with my finger. I pushed my middle finger into her tight pussy and started fingering her as I sucked on her clit. It didn’t take 30 seconds before she came again. I curled my tongue and sucked her juices into my mouth. She rolled off me and panted next to me. I pulled her up and held her tightly as I softly kissed her rosy lips letting her taste her sweet juices. “Andy…that was amazing…I don’t know why Megan decided to cheat on you but she is a dumb whore!” She exclaimed as she pushed me back and got between my knees. I pushed a pillow behind my back so I can watch her pretty face at work. “Oh you are going to love this…” Jamie said before licking my shaft from the base of my cock as she made eye-contact with me. I shuddered as she locked her lips with my head and twirled her soft tongue around like a lollipop. I stroked her hair and held it behind her face so I could see her lips wrapped around my cock. “Ohhh…” I moaned softly as she took me deeper into her mouth and ran her tongue over the underside of my cock. She began bobbing her head up and down my shaft while she played with my balls. She took me deep into her mouth and tried to swallow my dick down her throat sending waves of pleasure as the contraction tried to choke my dick. “Ohhh I am going to cum” I gasped as she came back up sucking so hard that my dick would fall out. She licked my balls seductively before taking them into her mouth and massaging them with her tongue. This was driving me nuts and gripped the blankets on her bed to keep myself under control She took my head back into her warm mouth and twirled her head around furiously pushing the tip into my slit. She quickly took me deep into her mouth and legit milked my cock as I came so hard I saw stars. She continued sucking me off and didn’t stop until my cock was completely limp. “That was awesomeee” I complimented her and she blushed. She gave me a quick kiss on my lips before kicking me out of her bed. I went back to my room and collapsed on my bed but was surprised to find someone else in it. “Katie?” I asked incredulously and she smiled at me weakly. “When did you get here? What are you doing?” “Just now…Can I sleep with you tonight? It’s raining really badly…” Katie said “Why didn’t you go over Jamie’s room?” I asked already knowing the answer “Come on! You know she will tease me and besides what’s the matter you always let me” She pouted her sexy lips and I laughed. “Sure but I am nak- Just then a streak of lightning blazed across the sky and Katie jumped into my arms pressing her body tightly against mine. What the hell? I just had oral sex with my other sister and sleeping naked with Katie isn’t going to kill me. “You are naked…” Katie giggled and I smiled as she slowly traveled her hand across my tight stomach. She continued traveling her hand down my stomach and grabbed my cock in her small hand “Shaved, huge and wet…hmmm?” “Shut up” I laughed slapping her hand away. She frowned and turned to her side, I wrapped my hands around her slender body and pulled her tightly against my body. We were cuddled in spoon-style with one hand resting on her stomach and the other over her pussy. I felt her soft asscheeks pressing into my dick and she slowly moved her hips sexily. “Andy…do you love me?” She asked me as she grinded her ass into my cock. “Yesss…” I groaned and she turned around getting on top of me. “Then how come Jamie gets your cock and I don’t!” She demanded and I looked at her dumb-founded. Her eyes softened and she caressed my face. She leaned down cupping my face in her soft hands before kissing me lightly on the lips. I moaned as she softly pulled my lower lip and massaged them with her soft lips. I felt her pussy on my cock and it wasn’t long before I was completely hard. She ran her hand through my hair as we kissed passionately, our tongue dancing in rhythm to our body. “Oh god…I haven’t had sex in a while…I need your cock” She groaned as I rubbed my head against her clit. I rolled so I was on top of her and looked into her hazel-brown eyes. “She told you?” I asked Katie and she nodded her head. I thought about whether I should fuck Katie or not. I loved both of my sister which was clear and they both loved me back. But what if mom find out? This can bring our whole family apart. “Mom takes sleeping pills before going to sleep and she won’t get up anytime soon…” Katie said reading my thoughts. I placed my hands on her hips and slowly removed her jersey. I saw her beautiful small breasts with dark nipples. I leaned down and kissed her passionately running my hands over her naked body. I pulled her ribbon letting her hair loose which made her look like a princess. “Yes yes yes!” She gasped as I pulled her into me. Her soft body pressed against mine felt so good and her soft tongue explored my mouth in a way Megan’s never did. I broke the kiss and gently kissed her neck pulling flesh with my lips and teeth. She gasped as I slowly made my way down her neck and towards her chest. I cupped her breasts in my hands and traced my finger around her areola but never actually touching her nipple. I moved towards her pointy nipple and breathed lightly over them. She shivered in anticipation and I flicked her nipple with the tip of my tongue. She let out a yelp and tightly gripped the blankets turning her head to a side. I rolled her nipple with my fingers while I sucked her other one into my mouth. She gasped as I held her nipple with my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and the lightest touch made her moan. “Ohhh Andy…yes…suck my nipple little brother” She moaned. For some reason when she said “little brother” it turned me on immensely. I continued playing with her nipples and licked the area between her breasts. “Oh god I am cumming!” I was surprised, she was the first girl I knew who came while I was playing with her nipples. I watched in curiosity as her juices escaped from her neatly trimmed triangular pussy. She withered underneath me and made a small wet spot. “You came!” I accused her and she blushed “I didn’t know you can cum while I played with your breasts…” “I didn’t either…well nobody ever cared for my breasts…all they wanted was my pussy” She said embarrassed about the size of her breasts. “Katie…I think your breasts are gorgeous and you one of the most beautiful girls I know” I said truthfully and her eyes sparkled. I leaned down and kissed her softly but stopped when I felt her tears. “I am sorry but that is the nicest thing a guy ever told me…” She said hugging me tightly. She quickly wiped her tears away and dug her nails into my shoulder “Now fuck my brains out!” I was more than happy to do so and slowly pushed my dick into her tight pussy. She was amazingly tight and hot. My dick felt like it was going to melt into her walls as I pushed my dick into her hilt. “Ohhhhh so damn big! Ahhh I can feel my pussy stretching” She moaned in delight and I felt her nails digging into my back. I gave her a second to adjust to my girth and slowly pulled back until I almost removed my head and then shoved it into her pussy. Just as she was about to scream, I silenced her moans with my mouth and she gratefully moaned into my mouth running her hand through my hair. I held on to her slim waist and pounded into her pussy with everything I had. The feeling was beyond amazing, I tried to open my eyes so I could see Katie’s breasts bouncing but the feeling just forced me to close my eyes. She was so tight and her slippery walls gripped my cock tightly as I pumped into her and let loose while I was coming out. She met every stroke of mine perfectly as our bodies clashed into each others My balls slapped her ass as I fucked her with long strokes. “Ohhhh AhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhgod I am cumming again!” She gasped and pulled me down kissing me roughly as her juices tried to squeeze past my dick. I squeezed her ass tightly as I fucked her nice and hard. “I wanna ride you! I immediately rolled so she was on top of me with my cock buried in her cunt. She held on to my chest for support as she began to jackhammer her ass. I moaned in delight as she dropped her weight on my cock and pressed her soft thighs into my muscular thighs. The sight was so erotic. Her brown hair flying around and her breasts bouncing as my cock disappeared into her cunt. “I am going to cum!” I gasped as I helped her fuck me harder. I slapped her ass roughly and groaned as she squeezed her vaginal muscles tightly when my hand made contact with her ass. I slapped her ass harder and she was riding my cock so fast I thought it would snap. “Cum with me!” She moaned and I rubbed her clit furiously so she would get off with me. I could tell that she was getting closer so I pressed my thumb into her asshole. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock as I shot load after load of hot cum deep into her pussy. We both came so hard that she collapsed on top of me. I softly stroked her hair enjoying the afterglow of our sex. She kissed me on the lips before falling asleep on top of me. The next morning I woke up with Katie next to me. I quickly took a warm shower and went downstairs for breakfast. As always my mom left us but made pancakes for us. I eagerly put some honey over my plate and sat down on the couch. I watched the news while I ate my pancakes and grabbed my car keys after I finished with my breakfast. “Where the fuck are you going?” Jamie asked me. She had a black lacy bra and matching panties. Her hair was tied back in a pony and her hands were on her hips looking at me with her angry brown eyes. “Ummm…nowhere… know…” I stuttered drinking in her beauty “You are going nowhere until you shove your cock up my pussy! I am not going to let that bitch have you all by herself….” Jamie said and I smiled.
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