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Erotic Story: The Job Interview (Part 2)

I chose my outfit carefully the next day. Short red dress that showed the right amount of cleavage without making me seem too slutty. I took more time with my make-up this time around. I have a job to do and I need to look right for the part.

As I slipped into my silver-colored heels and grabbed my purse, I gave myself a second to wonder about what I was about to do. I was about to have sex with a very pervy guy for a job. Isn’t that sort of like prostitution? But damn, I needed this job. It was perfect for me. The job description, vicinity to my home, the pay, working hours, everything. It would be really stupid to miss this opportunity, right? Besides, I just had to so what he wants today. Then as soon as the job is mine, everything would be just fine.

Of course Daniel would be mad and disappointed if he ever found out but I am not about to let that happen. He was the love of my life and I know he would walk out of it if he so much as suspected I cheated on him. But then, sometimes we all have to be selfish to get what we want. I resolved not to over-think this anymore. It was just sex. It would just be this one time and we can all go on with our lives.

I hailed a cab when I got outside my house (I did not want to show up looking a wreck like the last time) and sat comfortably at the backseat. I brought out my phone to message Daniel for the morning.

Me: Hey Love

Him: Hi, how’s was your night.

Me: Not bad.

Him: Sorry I could not spend all night with you. Needed to get up early to work..

Me: Oh, no big deal. I did miss you though. And I had a great time last night. Woke up this morning wishing I still had your cock in my mouth.

Him: Damn, don’t start nothing you can’t finish,Tolani. U know how excited I can get. But yeah, I did have a good time too.

Me: Lol :*. Fine then. Perhaps we can do this again sometime soon.

Him: Tonight?

I thought about fucking my man a few hours after fucking my boss and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Me: Nahh, maybe tomorrow

Him: Alright honey. Well, I have to head into a meeting now. Chat later?

Me: Sure dear. Later. Love you


I arrived at the company with a feeling of trepidation. But I had already made up my mind, so I did not hesitate much at the door. I approached the same receptionist I met yesterday. She looked up and her eyes widened a little with surprise. Yup, I can bring my A-game when I want to. I thought, since I assumed she was surprised at how much different I looked from yesterday.

This time around she waved me into the boss’ office without any preamble. I guess Mr. Frank was expecting me. I knocked tentatively and heard his husky voice reply. “Come In.”

I plastered a smile on my face and walked into the office. He was sitting confidently on the chair behind the desk and gave me an appreciative smile as he caught my outfit. I walk nervously to the seat opposite him which I occupied yesterday and waited for him to say something. For about a minute, he just stared at me, then finally he said ‘do you understand what I want from you?”

I cleared my throat and said “yes.”

He gave me his leering smile again.”Okay.”

He stood up and slowly walked on over to where I sat “Here is how this is going to work. You will do what I say, how I say it. You will obey me without questions. I am your boss, after all.”

I was getting a bit worried, but really, what could he possibly be capable of? He should be somewhere in his 60’s and I doubted there was much freakiness left in him.

I took a deep breath and nodded. I was ready and this was it.

He sat on his desk and watched me for a while.

“Stand up!” He said suddenly. He was no longer calm and relaxed. He was a different person. He even looked a little mean and for the first time since I thought about doing this, I got scared. But I already promised to obey so I stood up.

“Walk over there and lock the door.” I did that too. I was about to walk back towards him and he said “Stay. Take off your dress.”

Slowly, I slid the strap of my dress off my shoulders. First the left, then the right. I pushed the dress down towards my knees then let it fall.

I was fully on display. He took my body all in. My black strapless and lacy bra and my thong of the same color. He let out a breath and I was hoping he liked what he saw. “Take off the bra.”

I needed no telling twice. I took that off and stood there, arms by my side, like I was a sex prisoner being served on a platter, which I guess I was. I waited for my next order but once again, his eyes roamed my body. I could feel my nipples hardening. Whether due to the cold AC in the room or due to arousal, I was not sure yet.I just stood and waited for my next order.

“Touch them. I want to see you touch your breasts, massage and stroke them till I ask you to stop.” I reached both hands up to my breasts and began to stroke them gently. I slowly and deliberately rubbed them until I started feeling my body heating up. It was the strangest thing. I was really nervous at this point but as soon as my hands began to knead my breasts, I began to feel the familiar heat down there. It was like my body had a mind of its own and the fact that this was an awkward situation did not matter.

As I began getting even more worked up, I slid two fingers towards my nipples and began stroking them until they were almost hard as a rock. They pointed excitedly towards my boss and I did not even care that he was right there silently watching me. I bit my bottom lip and involuntary bent my head backwards as my whole body continued to get excited.

“Look at me!” He ordered again. I slowly raised my head to meet his eyes. His look was different now. He had the look of a man who is so completely excited and cannot wait to unwrap his present. I watched him watch me as I continued to rub myself. I could feel my legs getting shaky and my panties getting wet. I guess he noticed too because I could see his eyes moved towards my panty area.

“Take them off,” he said. I did not need to ask what he meant. I slid my panties off me and the way the coolness suddenly hit me made me gasp. I shaved in preparation for this experience and I was glad I did. I could feel every single sensation and the coolness from the AC on my pussy only increased the tingly sensation I was already feeling. My boss then gave me permission to touch my pussy.

Damn, I could not wait. I was beyond soaked at this point and I could feel a little bit of juice dripping down my leg. I rubbed my inner tie to gather the wetness percolating there and used it to rub the outside of my pussy until it was glistening. I rubbed and rubbed until I felt I would explode with need. I finally slipped a finger in and began to fuck myself in earnest. There was no time to start slow. I wanted to reach nirvana as fast as I could. I had waited long enough.

“Stop!” He said suddenly, just as I was about to explode all over his carpet. I nearly burst into angry and frustrated tears.

“Please fuck me.” I said. and I met his eyes again with mine pleading with him to put me out of this misery. I did not care that I was now begging for something I was basically being coerced to do. I did not care that I was basically prostituting myself at this point. My body has taken over and I wanted, no, I needed a good fuck. I do not even care who was doing the fucking. He could get a dog in here with a hard-on right now and I would not refuse. My pussy needed hardness. So, yes, I begged.

He asked for me to come closer to him. I walked on over on shaky legs and hoped I would not pass out. He got up from his position on the desk and gestured for me to take the position. I hurriedly sat on the desk, spread my legs as wide as it could go and eagerly waited. He gave me another one of his weird looks and smiled. “I have no need for your pussy, It is your asshole I want.”

This gave me a start. I had never had anal sex before and I promised Daniel some time ago when he was insisting that I would only do it with him after we were married. I was about to say something when he shushed me.

“Shhh… you will obey me.” If I weren’t so damn horny and in desperate need of a good dick, I might have run out of there with my naked butt and not looked back. But as it is, I just sighed and assumed the position. With my back to him, I grabbed the desk and waited. He reached for a lubricant on the table and began to massage my ass with it. He rubbed me all the way around my ass and in my anus. I forgot all about Daniel and my promise to him for a second. This was not so bad, I thought. Then he slipped a finger in me and I could feel my world explode. It was a most curious feeling. It was a bit different from having a finger in your pussy but it felt almost as good.

“Hmmm..” I moaned. I leaned my ass into it as he began to finger me faster. He slipped his finger in and out and once again, as I was close to cumming, he took it out, but only to replace it with 2 fingers. I could not hold it in, I came hard around him and had to grab the desk even harder for support. I bit my lips to keep from screaming until I almost drew blood. He took his hands out and suddenly gave me a painful spank on my backside. The shock of the sting made me lose my balance and I literally fell. He gave me a hand up, turned me towards the desk again and before I could say plead with him, he hit me again. And again. And again. This time around, I managed to maintain my hold on the desk but I could feel tears in my eyes. That shit hurt like hell.

I said nothing. I deserved this. I wanted to whore myself out for a job and I assumed all the pleasure would come without some pain. He stopped hitting me for a few minutes. I could feel him breathing heavily behind me but I did not look back. I closed my eyes as I waited, and expected more pain. But the next pain he inflicted was different. I felt the head of his dick stroke the outer part of my anus for a second before he thrusted into me. Hard. He did not give me time to adjust to the feel of him inside me. He pounded my ass so hard I was sure I must be bleeding. He grabbed my hair and gave me some good fucking up my ass. It hurt, but it felt so good too.

He yanked my hair harder and this time I could not hold back my scream. I let it go and completely lost it,

“Please. stop… please…. please don’t stop.. please.. fuck me. It hurts… hurt me…” I was not even sure what I was saying anymore. I was enveloped in some weird feeling of pain and pleasure. I wanted more pleasure but the pain made it even better. I had no idea what I wanted anymore. I felt myself tearing up again, but I also felt myself reaching another orgasm. This time around, when I let go, I completely bursted into a crying mess. He held me tighter and I suspect my tears only spurred him on as he fucked me harder than ever.

He finally grabbed my neck, gave me one last thrust and exploded in me.

For the next two minutes, the only sound that could be heard was heavy breathing and my silent sobbing. He then took his dick out of me.

“The restroom is through that door,” he said, pointing. I picked up my dress and underwear and hurried to the door he pointed to.

I splashed some water on my face and dressed fast. All I wanted to do was get out of there.

By the time I returned to the office, he was all dressed and behind his desk. He did not even look up once as I walked out the door.

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