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Tags: Fantastic

Erotic Story: The Job Interview (Part 1)

night and now, the weather was such that it would be a huge challenge getting my butt out of bed.

I tossed one more time in my duvet and tried to mentally psych myself up to get up and get dressed. I had a job interview in two hours and there is no way I could miss it. It was with a big corporate organisation and even though I will be interviewing for just the post of an Administrative Assistant, rumour had it that the job paid pretty well.

The shrill ring of the alarm clock elicited a frustrated grunt from me but I knew I could not possibly hit the snooze button one more time. It is already 10 minutes later than I should have been up anyway. I grumbled and got out of bed.

After my bath, I chose to wear a white crisp shirt and a black skirt. I might as well look extra professional, I thought, as I pulled on my black heeled pumps and set out.

As I was heading out the door I remembered that it was my boyfriend, Daniel’s birthday today but I was already running late as it is so I resolved to call him as soon as I get on a bus.

Here is one thing I forgot about Lagos on a morning such as this. Once it had rained heavily, as soon as the rain subsided, the crowd at the bus stop was insane. Everybody scrambles for any available seat on the bus and even when you finally get one, you would end up sitting in traffic for hours. I saved myself all the tension and anticipation and accepted that I would be at least an hour late for my interview. I just focused on trying to come up with what excuse to give them and what would happen if this opportunity was lost.

The crowded bus made it physically difficult for me to reach for my phone and call Daniel. Heck, even if I could, he probably would not have heard me anyway. It was that noisy.


As soon as I alighted at Ikeja bus stop, nature obviously had more surprises in store for me. It began raining heavily again and to top it all, I had to get a bike to where I was going. Suffice it to say that when I finally arrived, I was drenched and my white shirt was completely useless as I could basically see my underwear through it. I contemplated going back, but what the hell, I was here already. I might as well give it a shot.

The receptionist gave me the raised eyebrow look as I entered and explained that I was here for my 8 o’clock interview. She eyed the clock, 9:10 and eyed me again then asked me to sit.

When she returned to tell me the boss would see me now, I could not believe my luck. As soon as I was asked to enter  the boss’ office, I launched into a rant of apologies and explanation about the rain, the traffic, and so on. He waved me down and asked me to take a seat on the chair in front of him. But not before he looked me over and his eyes paused a bit at my breast area. I could see a spark of interest cross his eyes but hey, I was just glad that he agreed to see me in my sorry state.


After the usual interview question/answer session, he gave me an intense look and was quiet for a second.

“How badly do you want this job?” He asked.

“Really bad. I would be honoured to be a part of this team,” I responded with a smile.

He stood up, and approached my chair. Slowly, he reached out to touch my face.

“I don’t think you understand me,” he started, with a little more tenderness in his voice, “how badly do you want this job?”. His eyes darted back to my breasts and this time, he lingered hungrily on them with unmistakable lust in his eyes. “You are a beautiful young lady, Tolani. I would not mind getting to know you better.”

“I .. er… I have a boyfriend, Mr. Frank…”

“So? I have a wife too, does not mean I should let something this pretty pass me by.”

I tried to smile, but I was starting to get really uncomfortable. He was starting to eyefuck me and I was not sure how to react. Soon he took hand off my face and reached for his own crotch. This was when I stood up.

“Sir, I should go…”

“Fine, go and think about my offer. I will see you tomorrow. And we can renegotiate…erm.. the terms of your contract.”

“Are you offering me the job?” I asked, as I almost reached the door

“The job is yours, if you want it… and me….”


“Hi Daniel, Happy Birthday, baby..” I cooed. I was back in a bus and heading home after the weird morning I had. The journey back was a lot smoother and I knew I would be home in no time.

“Oh. thought you have forgotten me, love.”

“Of course not, had to rush to that interview this morning. It was a pretty hectic morning jare.”

“Yeah, that’s true. How was it?”

‘It was… okay. ” I replied. I was not sure why I was reluctant to tell him about the proposition made by my interviewer.
We talked for a couple more minutes and I made him promise to come over that evening to celebrate.


At around 6:30pm there was a knock at my door. Casually dressed in my shorts and tank top, I excitedly opened to see Daniel looking good as always. We have been dating for a couple of years now and I am actually starting to see a future with this guy.

He entered and have me a swift kiss on the lips.

“So where is my birthday present?”

I smiled and quietly led him to the bedroom. I slowly took of his clothes and he kissed me again. This time, more passionately. I was starting to get warm and moist in the right places but I resolved that we shall focus on his pleasure first.

I reached down to kiss his chest, and tease his nipples. He moaned to urge me on. He did not need to, I could see his cock getting hard and telling me all I needed to know. Down on my knees, I went, trailing butterfly kisses as I go. I parted his legs and licked and nibbled his inner thighs, close to his big cock. His cock was begging and throbbing for attention by now but I took my time. He moaned harder and tried to direct my mouth towards it. I peeked up at him and smiled. I give his balls a kiss and proceeded to suck on that until it was obvious he could take no more. I swallowed his cock whole in my mouth and could feel him deep in my throat.

I knew what my man liked and continued to show some love to his hot, hard cock. I sucked and teased and licked and stroked. I could feel him getting closer with each thrust in my mouth. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth deeper and I obliged by opening wider. The more he fucked my mouth, the wider I opened. Soon, his cock was slobbered in my saliva as he grabbed my hair and literally fucked his way down my throat. His cock was throbbing harder until finally he came in my mouth. I enclosed my mouth around his cock and sucked all the cum I could out of him. He sighed with pleasure when it was all over.

I had done my job as  girlfriend. Now on to my job as an employee.

I have decided to go and see my boss-to-be tomorrow. I wondered what color of panties he would like.

What can I say? I needed this job badly.

… to be continued

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