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Tags: Fantasy

Erotic Story: A Very Worthy Crush

I had been watching him for two years. Two whole years! I never thought a crush could be so real. Any movie he is in, I watch. Any interview, I watch as well. I try my best to know him as much as I can but I knew I should try and meet him one day.

My friend Amanda then told me of a party where she felt he would be there… VIP of course. The hustle to be invited was real. I wasn’t even about to be all Nigerian, I was not going to front at all. I was going to get into that party as a regular invitee, bouncer or VIP.

Amanda ended up getting us invites, they were regular but I wasn’t about to be a beggar with a choice! I looked for the sexiest outfit I could find and I went prepared. Knowing I was thick, I felt like it might be harder to get his attention but I wasn’t a groupie… I was just a girl with a crush. If we had a five minute chat and I got a picture, I would be the happiest person.

Amanda and I got to the party and as we were about to get tagged, some guy who knew Amanda saw us and came rushing towards us. He was so excited to see Amanda and that was how we got bumped to VIP. I knew it was fate. Fate knows that my Instagram needed the face lift. I was so happy.

Amanda and I got our form on and acted like it was nothing to be in VIP. We were walking around and Amanda casually asked if he was around, her friend looked at us and smiled.

“Oh so you like Lanre Daniels too? Most of the women are coming because of him but he came early so he can leave early as well. He doesn’t really like the attention. But I’ll introduce you guys to him.”

We entered the VIP room which was scanty. I saw him and I was sweating already. He looked much better in person. He looked calm, peaceful.

Amanda’s friend got to him and whispered in his ear. He got up and hugged Amanda, she smiled like she’d known him for a while, casual. I was there, visibly shaken, sweaty palms. He came up to me and said hi. I couldn’t speak. Amanda had to help me.

“The truth is, she has a big crush on you and I am certain she is having an out of body experience.” Amanda laughed as she said it.

“Hello, anyone home?” Lanre said, smiling.

“I’m sorry. I have… I mean I am… like I love you… and I…” I could barely speak.

“Maybe you should sit with me but you have to pretend to be my girlfriend so that no one comes and takes me away from you.” He winked as he said that, then he whispered in Amanda’s friend’s ear.

I was just star struck.

The party was getting turnt up and I was freer than when I met him an hour ago. Women came to take pictures and he held my hand most times, it actually sent a lot of them scowling away. I was so happy. We spoke when we could, took pictures and danced as well. He got up to leave and asked if he could drop us home.

Amanda was having so much fun catching up with her friend, so she said I should go home and she’ll meet me later. I was good with that.

Lanre and I got into the car, he held my hand as we walked through a swarm of photographers and fans. I felt like a superstar. We got into the car and he started laughing.

“What’s funny” I asked bewildered.

“You are going to be all over blogs tomorrow. Since that’s going to happen, I think we should just go out on a date then. What do you say?”

“Am I dreaming or what?” I looked at him. “Why would you want to go out with me?”

“I am very attracted to thick girls and my dear… you are as thick as they come. So, I’ll drop you at home and we can do movies and dinner tomorrow.” He smiled.

I woke up the next day feeling so alive. I was going out on a date with Lanre Daniels. I didn’t know where to start. Amanda called me to scream and shout about how I was already on blogs as the mystery girl dating Lanre Daniels. I just laughed and told her how we were going out that day. She screamed some more, came over to my house and we both picked out what to wear.

He came over to get me looking so yummy. He had on a t-shirt that showed off his body and straight jeans. I was in lust. We went to the movies, we laughed and whispered all through. Then on our way out he asked if it would be okay if he cooked for me at his home. I was a little against it because I didn’t want anything physical to happen… especially not on the first date.

“Look, I love you as a fan but I don’t really know you as a person. Please, I am trusting you not to take advantage of me.” I told him candidly.

“I will not do anything you don’t want. I will be a perfect gentleman.”

We went over to his, he cooked while we shared things that have happened in our lives. I was so star struck still so when I told him, he laughed again.

“Why do you like me so much? I think it’s the way I look.” He said that as casual as he could have.

“That’s part of it. Your interviews actually made me fall in love! I remember when you told the story of your childhood and how far you have come since then, I just thought wow. What a man!”

“Well… I’m flattered.”

“Why are you single?” I had to ask. He is stunning and just… I have no words.

“I just got my heart broken actually. Like 2 months ago. Yesterday was the first time I had gone for an event. I usually like to date women that are not in the public eye.”

“Well then, you can’t date me. I was featured on so many blogs this morning.”

He laughed.

We ate and gisted more. Drinking champagne and all.

“Can I drop you off now? It’s getting late.” He said with a smile.

“Oh… well.” I was sad. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want it to end but I felt like I was the only one feeling that. “Yeah sure.”

“I want you to stay but my gentlemanliness is wearing off and I promised.” He got up and put his hand out. He helped me get up as well still holding my hand.

We stood in front of each other.

“I had a lovely time.” He smiled as he said it.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I attacked him with my lips. I held his face to mine so he knew I wasn’t letting him escape. I pushed his lips apart with my tongue and he returned my kiss with a sense of urgency. He wrapped his arms around my waist and slowly slid it down till they were on my ass. He gently squeezed it as he pulled me closer to him. He moved his head back, I looked at him.

“What?” he could see the worry in my face.

“Is this a kiss goodbye or is this to let the beast out?” He asked.

“Be a beast. Please.” I pulled him back into my mouth while he gently lifted my dress. I was wearing a thong so his hands were all over my skin, giving my ass that romantic feeling.

He took his lips to my ear and I shivered. How the hell did he know my spot, I wondered. He trailed my jawline with his lips, then he kissed the corners of my mouth as he let the stringy sleeves fall down my shoulders. Before I knew it, I was semi-nude.

“What do you want?” he whispered in my ear as his fingers circled my nipples through my bra.

“you.” I whispered back.

“I know you want me but what do you want me to do to you? You have to tell me.”

I wanted so much. I didn’t know what to say.

“I want your lips all over my sensitive parts.” I was breathing heavy as the words fell out. “I want your fingers to work magic.”

“And my dick? Because I want to thrust that hard and deep into you till you scream with pleasure”

And with that I knew this must be a dream or I must have been cast in a movie I knew nothing about. My word!

I nodded.

“Shall I start?” he asked, still whispering.

I nodded again.

He slowly took off my bra. He smiled and then he kissed me. As his tongue parted my lips, his fingers went to both nipples. He softly tugged on them while I moaned in his mouth. He went back to my jawline with his lips and kissed his way down to my neck. I moaned in anticipation. He gently bit the top mount of my breast. I moaned again. I held his head as he finally took a nipple in his mouth and my head fell back. I pushed my chest into his mouth.

He sucked, licked, bit, chewed on, grazed, teased and did everything possible to both my nipples at intervals. Another mount on my body was crying for his lips. The wetness in my pussy was flowing down my thighs.

He took his attention away from my nipples and pushed me back on the couch. He looked at the drip marks my wetness had left down my thighs.

“Wow, I have never been with anyone who got this wet. You are making my dick twitch now.” He took off his shirt slowly and I let my breath go. Again, what a man! His jeans were next and then his boxers. He stood before me, probably 7 inches long and a great width to go with it. He knelt down in between my legs and felt my wetness through my thong. He slid my panties to the side and smiled again.

“Not only do you have the wettest pussy but you’ve also got the biggest clit I’ve seen as well. Am I going to be able to let you go?”

I was planning on answering that but he licked the wetness from my ankle, passed my knees, the side of my thighs and then he reached my pussy. He spread my lips apart and stuck his tongue in my pussy like he was trying to lick the source of my wetness. I moaned as he licked from there up to my pleasure point. He licked my clit and I sucked in my breath. He took the whole clit into his mouth. He sucked all the juices off my clit till it was only his salivated lube that remained. As he worked wonders on my clit, his fingers decided to find my g spot.

I kept arching my back and moaning. Every moan was a decibel higher. He knew he was getting there because my legs started to vibrate uncontrollably. He was right, I was going to scream. The feeling washing through me was more than I had ever experienced. He intensified the pleasure he was giving me. He sucked harder, licked faster and probed deeper. He brought my whole body except my pussy to a shut down. I climaxed with a scream hitting near falsetto. He hugged me as my body vibrated.

“Breathe baby, breathe.” He said that into my ears like he knew what he had done. The erroneous crime he had committed to my body. I had to pay him back.

I took in deep breaths and pushed him off me. He landed on the floor. I didn’t need to tease him, I just went straight for his dick.

“What the… ah!” he fell back as I took him into my throat completely. I slurped all over his dick as I teased his cap with my tongue. I took his balls into my mouth as I used my hand for his dick. I thought of what else I could do to stun him, so I bent my head lower and gave him a rim job. He moved back a bit, I looked at him in the most seductive manner and went back to licking him. I licked his asshole and his perineum. He moaned out load and shivered every time my tongue went there. He had never had it before. I went back to paying his dick my attention. It twitched in my mouth,

I stopped and looked at him… I laid on the couch and spread my legs apart.

“Fuck me please.”

He got up, positioned himself between me, and supported his weight with his arms as he gently slid his dick into my wetness. I arched my back again, shifting my pelvic upwards to receive his whole glory. He moved out of me and slid in again, slowly. I moaned in the same pace, tightening my grip on his shoulders. He moved into me slowly about five more times, like he was trying to make his mark everywhere; he was trying to make every nerve prepare for savage return.

“Hope you are ready…” he said.

With that, he pulled out and smashed right into my pussy. I dug my nails into his shoulders. He screamed out and retaliated by ramming into me non-stop. I was wild, I felt tears coming out my eyes. The exquisite pleasure I felt. I was so happy something so surreal was happening to me and I was so excited that his hands were all over me, my pleasure heightened.

He increased his thrust pace, I wrapped my arms around him. He kept going in faster and I felt like my heart was going to explode. I was having mini orgasms, one minute I feel like I was close to an orgasm, the next I was right where we started from. The faster he went, the more my pussy juice flowed.

He raised himself up and tried to turn me over. I immediately knew he wanted to hit it from behind. I flipped faster than a tossed coin and bent forward to put my ass up in the air. He slapped my ass hard.

“Ow.” That was a moan.

“You are thick in a ‘just right’ manner.”

He spread my cheeks and slipped his dick in. He hit my G-spot immediately. I grabbed the arm of the chair. He wasn’t even slowing down, it was like he knew he had hit the spot. He grabbed my waist and pounded me so hard I was back to my semi climaxes, screams and tears.

He fell back on the couch, pulling me along so his dick doesn’t pop out. He got me straddling him, reverse cowgirl. I was about to go ham on him but he pushed me up so I fell on his chest and he began the pounding again.

I started rubbing on my clit as he increased his thrusting. It got to a point the pleasure zapped away my ability to control my fingers on my clit. I grabbed his thighs as he pounded away taking my breasts in his hands, pinching my nipples as he squeezed.

“Ah! Lanre! Oh my! Ahhh!” I came all over his dick. He held me down in an embrace as he kept slamming into me. His tempo increasing, his breath was louder. Before I could stop shaking and vibrating from my orgasm, he held me tighter and grunted in my ear.

We both relaxed and let go.

“Sleep. When I get hard again you’re doing all the work.” I laughed.

It’s been 4 weeks since that day. I have been living a dream. We are officially dating and the sex is great. We have fought don’t get me wrong but… my crushing for years was worth it.

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