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Tags: Fantastic

STORY: Nurse Sandra (18+) Part 4

Next she slipped her hot wet lips down over his hardened rooster-head, taking it deeper and deeper until she felt his big blood-swollen knob nudging against the back of her throat. Slowly raising her mouth with a deep sucking action, she plunged it back down until his prick-tip slithered up against the back of her throat again.
“Suck, honey, suck!” he gasped, half-crazed with the feel of her wildly-pumping mouth slithering up and down over his hard rooster. His hands were wildly clutching her hair, frantically propelling her head up and down over his inflamed prick.
“Suck it, baby! Suck my rooster!” he panted, wildly pumping his rooster up into her slurping mouth. Lekan’s breath was coming in short hot gasps as his fingers curled into her hair, forcing her mouth down, tighter over his thick, hard meat.
“That’s it, honey! Suck! Suck!” he cried out. “I’m almost there baby! I’m gonna come all over in your fuckin’ mouth!”
“No, not yet!” she gasped. “Empty your hot load in my Well!”

Releasing his rooster from her mouth, Sandra rolled onto her back as Lekan quickly crawled down between her lewdly spread thighs. Reaching beneath her, Lekan feverishly cupped her bare asscheeks in his hands, digging his finger into the soft meaty flesh between her quivering Buttocks.
Gently wrapping her fingers around his rock-hard shaft, Sandra slowly guided it up toward her Hot little Arrow. Her deliciously Unclad body tingled with excitement when she felt his hard, hot knob probing against her slippery, wet cuntal opening. Arching her hips up to assist his penetration, she felt her handsome lover’s swollen rooster-head slipping through the hot juicy opening between her slick Well-lips.
“God, what a Well!” groaned the lusty med student, feeling his tingling prick gliding up through the heavenly hotness of her oozing Kittycat.
Feeling Lekan’s thick Bleep-pole filling her stretched cuntal passage, thrill after thrill raced through her flaming loins. When the light-skinned beauty had been fully penetrated, they remained motionless in each other’s arms, enjoying the complete ecstasy of their tightly coupled bodies.

To Be Continued…

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