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STORY: Nurse Sandra (18+) Part 1

Nurse Sandra Bayo’s evening shift was almost over when she looked in on Raymond, the footballer who was confined in the hospital with a recently broken leg.
“Hello, Ray,” Sandy said when she saw he was awake.
“Hi, Miss Bayo,” grinned the exceptionally handsome young man.
“I’m going off duty in a few minutes,” she said. “And I wanted to make sure you’re comfortable.”
“I can’t seem to sleep,” he sighed. “This damned cast is really disturbing me, ma.”
“Well,” she whispered, pulling back the sheet and raising the front of his hospital gown. “I guess I’ll have to relax you.”
The young man was completely shocked when the beautiful light-skinned nurse sat down on the edge of the bed and cupped his Joystick and balls in her hand. His rooster quickly jerked into an instant Attention.
“Oh, Raymond,” she gasped. “What a beautiful big Joystick.”
Before the boy could even grasp what was going on, Sandra’s hot, moist lips closed sensuously over his hard Joystick-head. Whimpering with lust, the beautiful nurse slid her warm, slippery lips farther down on his throbbing rooster. Her talented tongue was soon feverishly moving up and down his shaft, licking and lapping all along the sensitive underside of his swollen rooster-head, bringing moans of pleasure from deep in his heaving chest. There was a fantastic suction all over his tingling rooster as her leeching lips passionately sucked and pulled on his tasty Joystick.

“Holy Jesus!” the young man sighed.
As she began twisting her head from side to side, rotating his prick in her mouth, Raymond could feel her tongue slithering passionately around his throbbing knob. First using her tongue, then her lips, and then both, she was fiercely licking the youth into a wild frenzy.
“Oh, my God!” yelled Raymond, digging his fingers into the sheet beneath him. “It’s so damn … fuckin’ good!”
Locking her slippery lips more firmly around his thick shaft, Sandra took his rooster deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his big knob nudging at the back of her throat. Deliciously wild sensations were concentrated in the hard head of his rooster as her swirling tongue and sucking lips deliciously teased and tormented it with every hot, wet stroke.
Raymond could feel his climax drawing nearer and nearer. The sweet agony was building, his churning balls ready to shoot a torrent of bubbling Pour up through the fiery length of his well-sucked prick. “That’s it, baby!” he cried out. “Suck my hard rooster!”

To Be Continued…

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