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Tags: true story

A night away

was on secondment to a local authority for 12 months and the team I was working with had a conference someone had to attend providing a promotion stand. For various reasons none of the permanent staff were able to attend as it meant an overnight stay, so Sarah my boss and I were the delegates.

We arrived at the hotel late afternoon, went to our rooms to clean up and agreed to meet in the bar for a pre-dinner drink.

Showered & changed, at about 5, I wandered down, Sarah arrived only a couple of minutes later.
“I feel better for getting the days grime off” she declared, as she sat down. I offered to get drinks (a glass of wine for us both)

“These things are always difficult as the others all seem to have childcare commitments which makes an overnight difficult she explained”
We discussed the plans for the next days conference and agreed our strategy & timing, then just chatted about things in general. Sarah offered her appreciation for my helping out.

After 10-15 minutes she declared, “Right, that it, no more work until tomorrow, agreed?” I agreed.
We chatted about general, stuff and fixed a time for dinner. Whilst Sarah was technically my boss, because I was on secondment, we had a very relaxed relationship, more like peers so the conversation was a little friendlier than manager & staff might be. I need to make a call home later she informed me, to see everyone’s alright. I already knew she was a divorcee but now living with a partner (male) and had two girls (8 & 10 from her marriage.

Fine I told her, go when you’re ready. “Oh not yet, they will only have just got home, time for another glass I think”.

She brought back the drinks and as she sat down she winced “Ahh bugger”
“What’s up”?
“I’ve got a twinge in my shoulder, I think I pulled a muscle moving some furniture the other day”

“Sounds like you need a massage”
“Oh yeah, chance will be a fine thing”
“Just a min” I said as I got up. When I returned a couple of minutes later I exclaimed “well that was a good idea down the pan”
“What was”
I explained I noticed the hotel had a gym in the hotel, and checked with reception if they had a masseuse, the good news was that they did, the bad news was that they had just left for the day.

“Oh how kind, thanks for the thought anyway, I’ll just have to grin & bare it”.
“Tell you what, I have some savlon in my room, I know it’s not much but it does have anaesthetic properties, it will help with the pain if you want.
That’s ok, I’ll get by.
Don’t be silly it’ll only take me a minute, and I guarantee it will work”
After a little persuasion she finally agreed “If it helps that would be good, as it is rather painful”.

I was up to my room and back in a few minutes. As I sat down and offered her the cream she informed me, “Nice idea but I’m afraid your journey was wasted”
“You’ve had a miraculous cure?
“No unfortunately, she laughed, but while you we gone I tried reaching the spot and can’t get my hand on it so I wouldn’t be able to apply the cream”.

“Aw shame, I’m sure it would have helped”. I replied
As she reached for her glass she flinched. “It really is painful”? I enquired
“Mmm especially when I move my arm”.
“Are you sure you’ll be OK for tomorrow” I asked anxiously
“Oh I’ll cope”

After a moments hesitation, I said, “look don’t take this the wrong way, nothing other than an offer to help a maiden in distress, but if you cannot reach, I could always apply the cream. If it helps for now, you could always try to get something better tomorrow like a pain patch”.

She was clearly uncertain. “Oh, no that’s fine I’m sure I’ll ………… “She grunted again as she put her glass down.

“Look you’re clearly in pain, it will only take five mins”
She hesitated………. “I’m not sure, I’m tempted to try it but……….”
“Look it’s just one work colleague helping another in need, no strings, and I won’t mention it to a sole”. I said waiving the tube of cream

“Oh I guess it’s worth a try. Ok, but not here, we’ll have to go to my room. But not a word to anybody.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t know how to explain it to my partner anyway” I agreed
We picked up our drinks (both had only taken a sip) and made our way to Sarah’s room. Entering we both stood a little awkwardly

“Ok so where is the pain” I asked
“Just inside the shoulder blade” she informed me
“Well I’m afraid you’re going to have to expose it for me to be able to put the cream on”
She looked anxious “Oh yes, I hadn’t thought about that, perhaps we shouldn’t bother”

“Don’t be silly, it’s only your shoulder I need to get at. You only need to undo a few buttons …..” Then I looked. Sarah was wearing a loose tee shirt and a fashionably short black skirt that only came to mid thigh, over thick black leggings.

“Ah I see what you mean. Well it’s up to you”
“You promise to say nothing about this?
“Of course”
“OK just turn round”. I did as she asked
“Right, as I turned back Sarah had her top off with her back towards me. “Will this be ok”?
She was now just wearing a bra, for the first time I took a good look at her.
Sarah stood about 5ft 10 or meybey 11, I always knew she was quite slim, and as a passionate jogger (usually 5 miles a day) her body was even better than I had imagined. Her long legs even more apparent in her black skirt & leggins against the flesh of her back.
I think she was in her mid to late 30’s as I’m sure she mentioned once she had her first girl when she was about 20

She definitely had curves but her exercise regime meant I could see no excess fat. Just a firm shapely back and Oh….. Those long legs.

“How shall we do this” I asked
“What do you mean”
“Well I don’t think I can reach properly with you standing up, we could try the chair or you could lay down which would be easier”

After a moments hesitation she agreed to lay on the bed.
“Do you have any body cream”? I asked
“What for”
“It will just make it easier to apply the savlon, it will go on smoother over a larger area”
“Only baby oil”
“Even better”. It was in the bathroom. I got the oil and sat next to her on the bed.
We identified the area of pain, just around the centre of her should blade. I squirted some cream & oil on my hand and began to apply it to her shoulder.
“Do you mind if I just pull the straps down a bit it asked, I don’t want to get oil or cream on them”
“Mmm OK”
I eased both straps down her arm a little out of my way then began to massage the cream in.
“Oh yes, just there” I hit the spot. Absent-mindedly I put both hands to work one on each shoulder. I worked in the cream and the oil for about five minutes before I asked is that any better

Sarah sat up and rotated her arm. “Your right, it does work”, then gave a twitch
“Anything wrong”
“Still a little painful but just below the shoulder blade”
“More cream”?
“No it’s fine, what you did really helped”
“But if you still have pain…….”
“No it’s too much to ask but thanks anyway”
“Don’t be silly, it’ll only take a few mins and we won’t be eating for another hour or more. I have nothing else to do”

“Well if you sure” she sighed as she lay down again
I probed to find the spot which was just below the back strap of the bra
I’ll have to undo this unless you want cream on it” I informed her
“Oh…. Ok if you must”

I unclipped the bra then applied cream & oil and began massaging it in working from neck to the middle of her back.

“Mmm” Sarah sighed, “you’re certainly good at that”.
“I often give my partner a massage, she says I’m as good as any professional”
“I think I would agree with her, it’s very relaxing and the pain seems to be going”

I continued the massage but now covering half of her back from shoulder. The oil made my fingers glide over her skin, I kept it up for about 10 minutes. Getting frequent sighs of pleasure from Sarah.

“Better” I asked
“Mmm it really feels good” she acknowledged
“I could do your lower back if you want”
“Ok, that would be nice”
I was now massaging from shoulder to waist, Sarah let out the occasional sigh indicating I was doing a good job. I could tell by the feel beneath my fingers that she was well relaxed.
After about 10 minutes I asked, “Any other Aches”.
“Only……... No I couldn't ask, you’ve been fantastic”
“Don’t be silly, I enjoy giving massage and you clearly enjoyed receiving it, so if you have any more pain, while I’ve got the cream I might as well help out”

“Well……. She hesitated
“Aw come on” I chided her light heartedly
“Are you sure you don’t mind”
I made it clear it was no problem.
“Well I strained my calf muscle, I don’t think I cooled down properly after my run last night”
“Ok I said, show me the muscle” laughed

She eased round and pointed to her left calf, there.
“Mmm problem” I countered.
“What is”
“Well I can’t rub cream through your leggings”
“Oh god yes. Oh well never mind”
“Don’t be silly, slip them off, I’ll go & get a towel to cover your modesty”.
Before she could object, I slipped into the bathroom and threw her a towel then went back in to the bathroom. “Give me shout when your ready I informed her”.
A minute later she called out. “I’m Decent now”

I returned to the bedroom and was pleasantly surprised. Sarah Lay on the bed, she had completely removed her bra and was bare backed. I stared for a moment, I liked what I saw. She hadn’t used the towel, she lay spread on the bed, with just the short skirt covering her bum (just). Her long legs stretched out on the bed. Wow, what a sight. I felt a little twitch in the trouser department.

Moving to the end of the bed, I was just about to squeeze the cream onto my hand when there was a muffled ring from a mobile.
Sarah half rose from the bed then realised her predicament (no bra). “I need to take that she informed me, it will be home. Can you get my bag”? By the time I passed the bag and she found her phone they had rang off. “I need to ring back”.

“Do you want me to leave”? I asked
“No, that’s Ok but please be quiet” she pleaded
She made a quick call & informed me they will ring back.
A second later the phone rang and Sarah answered it. It was clearly her partner. The initial conversation was interesting, she lied convincingly.

She was in her room, working on notes for any possible questions the next day. She was frustrated there was no wifi in the room, it would have been good to Skype (I thought not!). I guessed she was taking about me, saying how helpful I had been putting up the stand and that I’d gone off to see some friends in town.
Whilst she continued the conversation, I pulled up a chair to the end of the bed and sat down. I could see no reason why not, so put cream & oil on my hand and lay my hand on her calf to resume the massage.

Sarah let out a yelp & jerked her leg away from my hand and turned to stare at me “What are you doing” she mouthed.
Massaging I gestured. I heard her tell her partner that she had spilt her drink, Thanks goodness it didn’t go on my papers she lied.

Sarah relaxed lowering her leg & continued her conversation I resumed the massage. As I looked up I noticed that by pulling her leg away from my hand, she had spread her legs about a foot apart. From my position and the end of the bed I looked up her long legs and could see exposed what at first I thought to be a slip under her short skirt but then decided must some kind of loose underwear. I was intrigued.

As I continued the massage, I heard that the phone had clearly been passed over to Sarah’s children. I oiled my hands, then started to rub both calves at the same time. Sarah let out a small sigh. I took this as a sign she wasn’t complaining so continued, slowly working my way to her knees. As my hands moved to just above her knees she let out a little murmur. “Mmm”. She glanced down at me but no attempt to move away so I continued. My hands working up her thighs. I had to adjust my position so I was kneeling between her legs and nudged them open a little more. I could now see an inch or two of her underwear. My hands were now moving up & down her thigh & as I went up I edged the skirt upwards hoping Sarah wouldn’t notice. If she did she said nothing.

She was asking about homework when the tips of my fingers slipped under the loose leg of what I now guessed to be some kind of French knickers and brushed the underside of the cheeks of her firm bum.
Sarah let out a squeak which she explained to her daughters as having dropped her papers. She turned and frowned at me just has she finished her call.

“What were you doing” she asked firmly
“Sorry, I thought you were enjoying the massage”
“I was but I think you went a bit too far”!
“I just got a bit carried away” I lied
“I should think you did, I nearly shouted for you to stop, and had to bite my tongue so I didn’t let something slip”.

“Well you managed very well, I don’t think anyone guessed what you were up too”
“I certainly hope so” she replied seriously.
“Ok, how about a foot massage to make up for it”.
“I think you’ve done enough” she replied firmly, but not convincingly.

“Aw common, we have ages before dinner or are you feet too sensitive” I said as a moved down the bed.
“It’s not that, it’s……….” Sahara paused, as I rubbed an oily hand over the soles of her feet.
“Mmmm, no you shouldn’t……….” She paused again as I rubbed the heels and soles
Rubbing down between her toes I asked. “You sure you want me to stop”?
“Oh, Ok just for a little longer then”.

I worked more oil into her feet rubbing them all over and through her toes.
Sarah had relaxed again and was clearly enjoying my handywork. He legs were still slightly apart and her skirt that I had secretly moved was hardly covering her bum so I had a clear view of the legs & gusset of her underwear.
“Ok” I enquired
“Mmm” was all I got in reply.
“Would you turn over so I can get your toes better” I asked
I can only assume Sarah engrossed in the massage as she dreamily rolled on to her back.

Her small neat breasts were now on display. It was hard to concentrate on her feet when I was staring at a pair of surprisingly firm boobs with dark areola and nipples the size of the tip of my little finger. Oh hell more twitches in the trouser department.

I quickly got to work on her toes so as not to give her time to realise her mistake. Keeping up my attention on one foot I managed to squeeze some oil on the other hand and worked on one shin then quickly had both hands running from ankle to shins on both legs. I had to move further onto the bed and with some subtle massage made her spread he legs a little further. Keeping my head low, I could now see a sprouting of pubic hair under her loose knicker leg.

I worked over and around her knees and started on her thighs. Long slow strokes from knee to just below the leg of her underwear. As I was leaning quite far forward my head was close to her crotch and I was now getting a tantalizing suggestion of her feminine odour and a look at her pantie crotch showed a slight damp spot. Sarah was clearly turned on, but just how much I wasn’t sure. How far would she let me go?

I continued rubbing almost to the top of her thighs, my thumbs just touching the edge of her knicker legs. Sarah sighed and I felt her thighs tighten as my hands moved upwards. I continued the massage with one hand and slipped one finger of the other under the loose knicker leg and felt for her sex.

Sarah sat up with a jolt. “No you mustn’t”. Then realising she had no top on clasped he hands over her boobs. “Oh my god, what’s happening”?
I still hand my fingers beneath the silky material and touched her wet labia. “Just giving some obvious pleasure” I said sliding a finger up and down her labia.
She was torn between letting go of her breasts and knocking my hand away. She tried to clamp her legs together but only succeeded in locking my hand in place.

“Please stop, you mustn’t. We can’t do this, it’s gone too far” she exclaimed
I wriggled my finger over her wet pussy again to emphasise my point. “You were clearly enjoying what I was doing, so why don’t I just finish giving you some additional pleasure”

“I was but……, no we can’t its wrong it’s………. She stammered and I managed to push a finger inside.
“Are you sure” I asked as my thumb found her clitoris and gave it a rub
“Yes I’m… no we can’t….. Ohhh” clearly a sigh of pleasure.

“You just lay back and let me take care of that itch” I suggested, as I put a hand on her shoulder and gently pushed her back on to the bed. She lay back without any further encouragement, her hands slid from her boobs and fell by her sides.

My hand between her legs I worked two fingers inside her as my thumb continued to play with the clit.

“Oh we really shouldn’t be doing this..” She moaned unconvincingly.
“I know but it feels nice doesn’t it”
“Oh yes, absolutely……… “She spread he legs a little wider with one bent at the knee to giving me even more access. I could see clearly now as the leg of her loose panties gave me unobstructed view, that she had only a lightly trimmed bush.
Keeping up the action with my fingers which were now sliding easily inside due the amount of lubrication she was releasing and with my thumb rubbing her clit I worked my way around the bed until could kneel on the floor in just the right position.

Leaning forward I licked one of her nipples which seemed to grow as soon as my tongue touched it. Sarah pushed my head down on her breast. “ Oh yes, suck it, suck it, Ahhhhhhh” she sighed.
I pulled the nipple deep into my mouth, and sucked hard, my pleasure thought as I sucked the stiff bud hungrily then worked on the other. I was getting as much pleasure as Sarah suck on each nipple in turn
Sarah was now clearly worked up, it was pretty clear by her body movements and groans she was emitting that my fingers and mouth were bringing her to orgasm.

Finally she cried out, “Oh yes……. Yes, Mmmm suck harder, rub harder, Oh yes Oh fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkk I’m coming I’m commingggggggggggggg”.
Her body went rigid, she held my head against her breast as her body shook with a powerful orgasm.
I slowed all my actions as she crumpled drained. Her language during orgasm was a real surprise. Sarah was normally so prim at work in 12 months I’d never even heard a “bloody” ! This new Sarah was a real hot woman when turned on! I licked my fingers clean, as she regained her breath, “Oh yummy”!

She was now clearly feeling unsure of herself, she moved her hands to cover her breasts.

“Oh what have I done”? She asked anxiously
“I don’t think you did anything I informed her, I think I did all the work” I assured her.
“You know what I mean. I shouldn’t have let you. It’s just so wrong”.
“Why, didn’t you enjoy it”?
“You know I did, but………….”
“Well that’s surly all that matters. Besides I did say earlier that it’s just one work colleague helping another in need and you certainly seem to need the release”.
“That not exactly what we were talking about at the time”
“Ok, so the massage got a bit more personal that planned but it was still only a massage I tried to convince her.
“I think it was a lot more that a massage she snapped. Look I think you had better go”.

I lazily stroked fingers across her stomach, she brushed my hand away but let go of one breast. “Stop you’ve done enough”
I rubbed a finger over the exposed nipple which sprang to attention.
“Are you sure”?
She covered her breast again. “Stop it please”
“Why? Are you frighten you might enjoy it if we do more”?
“We cannot do anything else. I’m in a serous relationship and I won’t put that at risk”.
“I’m not asking you to, all I want to do is give you some pleasure”
“Don’t give me that, you just want to have sex with me! I can assure you it isn’t going to happen”

“If you mean intercourse, that’s fine. Remember, I’m in a committed relationship too, I don’t want to jeopardise my either. But that doesn’t stop me wanting to make you feel good, and as good that that might have been just now, I think I can make it feel nicer even without intercourse, that way neither of us put our relationships at risk, and it goes without say it stays just between us”.
“What do you mean by that”?
“Well there are other things I can do that I think you will like”
“Such as”
“Well if you’ll let me, I’ll show you”
I clearly aroused her curiosity. “You just relax and I’ll show you”
I was now running my hands over her hips, I think you need to let me take this off I indicated her skirt. I felt round the side and found the clasp I noticed earlier and quickly undid and gently pulled the waist band down.

“Oh I’m not sure” she sighed hesitantly. “Oh come on, you know it felt good before, and I promise you I can make it feel even better. And no penetration!”.
Sarah lifted her hips and I eased the skirt down her legs

I could now see in all their glory the item of my fascination. She was wearing a pair of very loose fitting silk or satin underwear, rather like baggy shorts no elastic around the leg which was why my hand could slip easily under the sides.

“And these” I suggested. Again she lifted her bum and I slipped the panties off. Naked I could see she had a healthy but trimmed bush of dark pubic hair covering her sex. I now moved so I was kneeling between her legs and positioned myself over her
As my mouth moved towards her exposed pussy she cried out “Are you going to….. Oh you are, Oh no…… oh god yes yes………….”

I connected with her sex. My tongue lapping at the flood of juice she was already releasing. I probed and sucked a stream of her feminine sap. With her knees wide apart Sarah was rocking in time with my oral motion. Her hands now clasped the back of my head pushing me harder against her cunt. My tongue searched her cunt for every drop of juice I could find. I stretched my hands up to tweak her nipples and I licked, sucked and nibbled at her dripping cunt.

In only 2 or 3 minutes Sarah howled. With my head between her legs I could just make out her muffled cried “Oh yes!….. Oh god. Oh fuck don’t stop yes….yes…. Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, Oh fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk.
The flow of juice increased as she came……. I sucked for all I was worth, trying to catch every drop of her nectar.
Finally Sarah pleaded with me to stop. I moved from between her legs and sat on the bed besides her absentmindedly stroking her stomach

“Oh my god that was fucking incredible” she exclaimed
I told you it would be better” I reminded her
“I’ve never had that done before”
“Amazing, such a powerful orgasm……….. It was…….. Oh my”
“I’m pleased to have been of service” I teased
“But what about you, I feel a bit guilty now, you know…..”
Aw, what’s a couple of orgasms between friends” I laughed
“Three actually, I came twice just now, I had a little orgasm as soon as you started” she smiled up at me.
“As I said, what about you”
“What about me”
“Well you haven’t…. you know”!
“Ah I see”
“I suppose I could take you in hand if you wanted, it seems only fair”
“Well that would be nice, but only if you want to”
“After what you did, it seems the least I can do”
I quickly removed my shoes sock, trousers and pants exposing my aching erection
“Lay down here” she said pointing to the bed beside her. I did as instructed
Sarah turned on her side to face me, then her hand moved quickly to my stiff cock. She stroked it tenderly from base to tip, then her hand closed round me and began a slow wank.
As she rubbed my cock, I stroked her hard nipples
“This Ok” she asked
“Wonderful” I replied
“Would you like me to… you know”!
“Suck it”?
“Only if you want too”
She changed position and I felt her hair brush my stomach as her head moved over my groin. Then Oh heaven her mouth connected. Her lips opened and I felt the warmness of her wet mouth as she covered my cock.
Sarah’s actions were slow and deliberate. Fuck it felt good. She only took a couple of inches in but I was still a good blow job

I reluctantly reached down and pulled her off
“No good”? She asked
“No it’s great but I thought we could both get some pleasure if you wanted”
“What do you mean”
“We can do it to each other if you like”
“Oh , that sounds a better idea. What do we have to do”?
I was surprised and her lack of knowledge but explained. I got her into position on top of me, her legs either side of my head and guided her back.

She soon got the idea and we were soon working on each others sex. Her juices were again trickling down my obliging throat as her head bobbed up and down on my cock.
I worked my hands round and griped the cheeks of her arse then wriggled one finger over the crinkly ring of her anus. Sarah jerked, and my finger tip slipped in up to the first joint.
She had now stopped sucking and I could tell she was just resting her mouth on my cock and she pressed her cunt into my face.
Squirming against me I heard her howl…… as another orgasm wracked her body. Then suddenly she rolled of me twisted round and straddled my hips.
Reaching down she grabbed my cock aimed it at her wet cunt and ground down on me until our pelvic bones met.

“Ahhh that’s better”!
“But what about what you said earlier. Are you sure about this I asked with convincing concern”. (Oh I hoped so)
“Oh shit yes, you’ve made me so fucking horny, nothing else will do”. Don’t you want to do it”! She asked with a touch of disbelief in her voice
“Then let’s fuck before I change my mind”
Resting her hands on my chest she raised & lowered herself on my willing cock. With long slow strokes up and down the whole length of my cock she fucked me. I lifted my hips pushing up as she pushed down, I could feel her cervix as my cock thrust home.
At one point she leant back so I could see my glistening cock sliding in and out, her juices literally running down over my balls. Then she leant right forwards so I could suck each of her hard nipples in turn as she continued to fuck me. Oh heaven.

Rolling her over, I climbed over between her legs as she grabbed my cock and guided me in. Her wet cunt seemed to suck me in, I pushed in deeply, my balls resting against her bum. With long slow strokes I fucked her welcoming cunt “Oh yes, that’s it, fill me up”.
She wrapped her legs round mine the raised her knees to get me deeper, I pulled out nearly all the way then thrust my cock home. I lifted her legs further, hooking them over my shoulders for even further penetration.
“Oh fuck yes, oh that feels so deep” she grunted
I increased my pace, ramming my cock in hard, my balls slapping against her arse at each downward stroke.
“Oh fuck, I think I’m going to come again” she cried. “Me too” I told her
“Quick let me get on top” we rolled over again without disconnecting and she seemed to go crazy.

I grasped her bum, and worked a finger around to her anus, just tickling the ring, this seemed to tip her over the top. Bouncing up and down and grinding our pelvic bones together, like she was possessed, I had that familiar sensation as my own orgasm approached.
I pushed up hard and my cock exploded, delivering shot after shot of hot spunk deep into her cervix “Oh Yes, yes” I grunted
Sarah was more expressive. “Oh fuck yes, yes, oh fuck I can feel it, I can feel you filling my cunt…………………” she ground down hard onto me one final time pushing my shooting cock deep inside.
Finally, Breathless she leant on my chest. Her cunt muscles still griping and contracting on my cock, draining the last drops of juice from me
“Oh my, that was unbelievable” she panted.
“You certainly seemed to enjoy it I replied. At least from the way you expressed yourself”
“Oh hell, it was your fault all those things you did to me. I’ve never used those words before. It was the first time anyone has….you know”!
“Oh my, it was just amazing, I can’t believe how many orgasms I’ve had”. Don’t you mind the taste,
“Hell no, I’d pay you to get some of that nectar”
Sarah gave a little wiggle. I think I’d best move, I think I’m leaking”
“You want me to clean you up” I asked
“You’d do that” she asked incredulously?
“Give up a chance to taste that yummy pussy of yours, never!”
“Even with…………….”
“Try me”
She wriggled up the bed leaving a trail of juice up my chest, I got her to sit over me, kneeling either side of my head. Holding on to the headboard, she lowered her pussy to my mouth, I licked and sucked both our juices from her body.
It only took about a minute before she climaxed yet again then rolled off to lie beside me
I brought her head up to give her a wet kiss. Then pushed my tongue into her mouth and shared the juices I had saved

“Oh my” she said as we separated. I guess that was yours and mine”!
“Sure was, you ok with it”
“I guess so, pretty erotic when I think about it”.
My hands were busy playing with her small breasts and still hard nipples as we regained our breaths.

“I guess we should get dress for diner she said after a few minuets.
“I think maybe shower would be in order I suggested unless you want every one in the restaurant to know what we’ve been up to”.
“What do you mean”?
“Well I guess we reek of sex”!
“Oh My god, I’ll have to make sure I get well cleaned up, I cannot afford to have a trace of the smell on me when I get home”
“Relax, a quick shower and you’ll be sweet smelling again. I’m not sure about these though”! I reached across the bed and held up her knickers with a still soaked gusset
Oh, yeah, I’ll rinse them out in the shower, they’ll be dry by morning”

“Do you mind if I shower here, I only have one more clean set of clothes and if I put these on, I’m going to give the game away in the restaurant”
“Me too, Ok who’s first”
“You go” I suggested
I heard the water flow, I gave her a few seconds then followed in her into the bathroom. It was a good size walk-in shower
“Want me to scrub your back” I asked
“Oh, what…. No I’ll be…………”
I stepped into the shower anyway. Taking the sponge from her I added some gel and began to soap her back. Then I worked down her legs, kneeling down to soap all the way down to her feet. Sarah leaned forward to steady herself, her legs were spread a little for support against my rubbing and I soaped all the way up the inside of her thighs. Then standing behind her I soaped and fondled her breasts bringing her nipples to attention again.
She pushed her arse against me as I slipped a hand down between her legs
“Oh shit, not again” she sighed
My cock was hard again as she felt between her legs and guided it in to her waiting cunt.
Bending well forward under the cascading water she pushed back onto my willing shaft as I held one hip and with my other hand massaged her soft breast, tweaking her hard nipple for another satisfying fuck.
Sarah came yet again, sadly I didn’t cum but still enjoyed the contractions of her cunt on my cock.

Reluctantly we separated, to clean up proper. We dressed and went down for dinner.
Fortunately we found a quite corner and were able to talk without being overheard.
Sarah was a clearly a little uncomfortable as she tried to rationalize what we had done. “I feel so guilty” she whispered
“Oh, you know, I can’t believe what we did”.
“Didn’t you enjoy it?”
“You know I did, that’s part of the problem. I don’t know how I’m going to face Ian when I get home”
“I hope you not going to tell him” I questioned
“Of course not silly, it’s just that our sex life was never like that”
“Well perhaps you can indicate some changes to him” I suggested

“Oh I’m not sure. I don’t think I could bring any of those things up in normal conversation”.
“Oh well you’ll just have to keep the memory just keep the memory”
“I guess so, unless…………..
“Unless what”
“Well, ………….there’s another conference I have to attend next month in Bristol, perhaps you could help out again” she grinned
“It would be my pleasure”
“And mine I hope”! she giggled

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