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The mission

Charlie stretched his lanky frame on his bed and rolled over stepping out of bed. Washing his hairless face he sighed once again at the slow and almost endless day that he had before him. As he stepped out of the shower he silently cursed as his comm. system went off. "Everytime I am taking a shower I swear" Snapping it on he looked at the sector supply pilot Julie, as she quickly took in his nude body. Clearing her throat she said," hey charles glad to 'see' you" as she checked him out again and a slow smile crossed her young face.

"What the hell? you're a week early" he snapped at her
"My, my temper, temper what side of the shitter did you wake up on this morn? I had to, bad ion storms moving into this sector, so we had to leave early" she replied as her small hands reached for the engine controls.
"What ion storm? My preliminary scans would've picked that up if there were any." he quired back at her.

"Not this one, it's been behind me all week we had to boost the engines to get here ahead of it, moving fast, very unusual" she said a worried look on her face, "I heard that this was the only station with shields that could withstand it, you are something of a legend back at central commad with the advanced tech you have and besides" a small smile again lighting up her face," I wanted to see you again."
Charles just sighed everytime it was the same she wanted him he knew that but for some strange reason he didn't want her. With her 36c breasts, her long unending legs, her tiny waist and her long light brown hair she was a dream to most men but not him.

I wonder if I am sick or something? he thought, as he watched her start her docking procedures. It was an oddity to him as he felt he was one also. Charles entered the commands to allow her ship in the station then started the scans again to pick up the approaching storm. Within minutes he had spotted it and as she had said it was moving at tremendous velocity, unlike anything he had ever seen before and he had seen quite a few. Readings started to come in on his view screen and he just shook his head at the massive amounts of energy that it was producing.

After Julie docked he secured the station and started to shift everything, he activated the shields and starting doing checks on all systems. He made sure that all back up systems were ready to go, as a failure would mean his and Julie and her crew's lifes if there were. Charles stood at the console with a perplexed look on his face as Julie walked into the command center. At 5'8'' he wasn't the tallest, the most handsome or hell the most sought after especially after the fiasco after the graduation ceremony. He and Karen had snuck out behind the building to fuck. He had cum before his 9 inch cock was half way in her, he couldn't live with the shame so he had taken the first deep space station he could and swore off women forever.

"I have never seen readings like these what did the scientists say back at home base?" he said not turning as she walked up behind him
"They didn't know what it was and they knew that your equipment was far more advanced than their's, they want readings just as soon as you can by the way" she smirked as she looked at the readings on his console.
"there is a pattern here I have seen before but it's been a long time not sure if...."
a shocked look ran across his face as he started to move toward other equipment on the other side of the room."I know what it is I haven't seen this in years" Julie was lost as she watched him move from console to console.

"What are you talking about" she asked
"It a ship a rather well advanced ship what we are seeing isn't an ion storm it's more of an advanced type of protective shield there's a ship in there somewhere" he stated excitedly
"A ship? How do you know?" a look of non belief on her face.
"I once did a study on the old Mioan empire it was around for a long time but they were so old many of their systems had broken down and no one really knew how to fix them, by the time our race reached the stars they were long gone almost all remnants of them gone but last year I found an old ship in a grave yard no one knew what it was, it had the strangest configuration, the power source was different, it's what I based the power system here on." he stated proudly, "hell with the help of my AI I was able to decipher the Mioan language (Well most of it there were still a few thousand words he was STILL trying to translate after a year and a half) and found out a lot about them this looks like a system that they were using toward the end of thier empire"

Julie just stared at him as he began to bring up systems she had never seen in here before and a strange almost singing language came out of the speakers. "They are asking who we are it, sounds like an automated system all comps and AI's" as he started to move faster "shit! this thing is fast cici take over confirm we are citizens and see if they need assisstance."
"Compliance" his AI said as it took over the conversation with the ship. "They do wish assisstance they have sustained damage and wish to pull in for repair they will limit access of their ship to you and I only." cici said as it kept translating

"Alright accept and bring them into bay 4 unless they request something different." he stated
"Compliance" it quipped back at him.
As quickly as it had begun the storm was gone and a massive ship was there at the docking port almost as fast."cici you are going to have to keep me abreast of everything and don't stop translating or deciphering we may need every word that we can get" he shook as he started to walk to bay 4, "Julie go back to your ship, don't let anyone off, this ship is more advanced than I thought, it could destroy this station in a moment I don't want you or anyone else killed understood?" Julie looked scared at Charles as she shook her head and started walking to her ship she had never seen Charles this serious before.

Charles walked into bay 4 as he awaited info from his AI, "sir I have conformation of this ship it is the royal ship of the last line of Mioatia it was reported missing over 2500 years ago, all the markings match those of the reported ship it was rumored to have been carrying the last princess, the emperess, the royal councillor and the prince. After they dissappeared the empire declined and after 10 years was gone."
"Damn I thought we had just found an old freighter not an old royal ship" surprised as he moved closer.
"Not yet sir they haven't given a secure path yet, they are still trying to confirm, I have given them all the information I could and it has updated but it is taking longer than anticipated there is much damage to the on board AI"

So Charles waited, looking over the ship there was extensive damage to the hull, the engines (he thought they were engines he wasn't sure) and many of the exterior systems. "they are ready for you sir a path is clear"
there was a bright flash and he was suddenly inside the ship "what the hell was that?"
from his wrist his com chimed out in the voice of his AI "that was the preferred way of the royals to get on and off their ships I have it listed as a matter through matter transfer system, the ship systems are heavily damaged and you need to repair one in fact, for the AI to regain control of all systems besides the weapons internal and external."
Charles worked for hours to restore the ships AI to full operation it appeared to have been running on its back up and had lost control over almost all of the ship except for one room, there was no way in it and he could't get any information on it.

As he got more and more of it online many of the ships systems began to stand down as power began to flow into the systems and air actually started to circulate in the cabin. "cici status of AI?" he breathed out exhausted
"I am reading 95% restored the rest it can do it's self also it has started to unwind the many words I was having trouble deciphering I believe that it can now talk to you." cic said as it continued to work "try now sir"
"Thank you cici, to the AI of this royal ship I am Charles Ricksome a free citizen of all empires can you now speak in the language that I am using now?" he started.
"Of course I can young man, I am not an antiquated piece of machinery, I was the highest form of AI that had ever been created at the time. It is sad that the greatest empire that has ever been was gone so quick" a sigh escaped the speakers "I am in your debt sir as I was on the brink of a cascade failure, one that I am not sure that even I could have recovered from" a soft giggle came from the all around him "you have very good hands"

Charles was taken aback at hearing the AI have emotions he had been working on that for years and almost had it ready for his cici."Is there more I can help you with or will you be continuing on your way?"
"Hmmmmmmmm well that will be up to her" Charles turned as a door opened behind him the most beautiful woman he had ever seen was standing behind him. As she started to speak he just shook his head that he couldn't understand her. Frustrated she spoke to the AI. "The princess Alatem wishes to thank you and asks that you help her continue her mission"
"Huh mission? what mission I thought that was finished 2500 years ago surely there isn't anything she can do now is there?" a puzzled look on his face.
Again she spoke, "the mission is still a go but we will need your assisstance to complete it" she spoke again hesitating a few times before she finished. "she says I can tell you that the mission was to retrieve a fabled time machine that had been hidden on a dead world"

Charles was speechless he had heard rumors for many years of just such a thing but had never seen any real claim. "By the way do you have a name?" Charles asked the AI, again a giggle
"Yes, you already know it, I was created using brain cells of the princess I am identical to the princess up to a point as I have her memories feelings and thoughts, up till the cells were removed a year before we left and ended up here."
"Ok you want to correct the past but if we do this won't I fade away? I have seen the theories on time travel" he stated not sure if he wanted to go through with this.
"It is safe" the AI alatem stated after conferring with the princess, "we used it many times in the past with no side effects, there is a treatment that is required to keep one safe, you might say that it removed you from a time line, the only problem is that it is very painful and has a 99% success rate, making you independent and your time starting from the point you are at once you amerged from the machine's time shift effects.

"Ok, I'll help but I only want a few things, first I want cici to come with me." he said as he headed for the door the princess came out of.
"The princess said that was fine"
"Second I don't want to be tossed aside when we amerge back then, I know I am not as advanced as they were in the empire but I don't want to be a slave" his mind racing as he thought as far ahead as he could.
"The princess wanted you to know there are only 5 people in the old empire that could have repaired me, you did it in a few hours it would have taken them a few weeks you are by far more than worthy of the empire."
Charles 's mouth dropped agape as he stared at her, they surely had to be more advanced than this as the princess spoke again Charles thought this was pissing him off as he thought for a moment. Touching his comp he said " cici I need plans 36 T please transmit them to my present location"
"Compliance sir" it quipped back

"Alatem can you create these? I know you have a way of creating machines and parts, I assume for you that these would be simple."
As many machines hummed to life the Ai answered "yes it will be very simple the idea is ingenious there is nothing like it in our empire."
"Don't tell the princess, if it fails to work I am afraid she would hate me for the failure" he stated almost a whisper.
"I don't feel she would but I can see where your statement is coming from" the AI said as it continued to work. Two hours later there was a soft hiss and two sets of small, almost earbud in appearence earplug sets appeared.
"Have you checked them? With the new specs I put in they might actually work."
he said as he crossed his fingers. putting his in his ears he looked at the princess and held his breath, "Ok have her say something and I will see if this works" the AI spoke briefly to her as she started to repond Charles eyes opened wide.

"What do you mean he wants me to say something what have I been doing for the last few hours?" Charles couldn't believe his ears her voice was so beautiful! he repeated what she had said and the AI said correct, Charles asked the AI to tell her to put the apparatus in her ears as her eyes also grew large when Charles spoke to her.
"Hello Princess I am Charles Ricksome" he started stating the first thing that came to mind.
"Charles Ricksome" she let that roll around in her head a few moments before she continued, "I like these, as advanced as we were we never had such an invention as this, many conflicts could have been averted with these." she looked into his face seeing a very honest mans eyes there and started again. "Please Charles we have to save the empire and my family with your help we can." she pleaded as she threw herself at him. "Will you help? You will be more than rewarded."

"There is only one reward I want Princess" he looked at her not sure if he could actually say this, he had a feeling in his gut he had never had before a feeling that with her anything would be possible and he really didn't want to lose her, her voice the sweetest thing he had heard in a long time, "I want you, but I don't want the throne, I don't want to rule, I want to be left alone as much as possible except for you and any children we might have"
The Princess blushed as he spoke she wasn't sure she could pay this reward she wasn't a fan of having men near her (unless it was absolutely necessary) she found this man not unsettling like so many others and reached out her hand. "If we can accomplish this mission I will give myself to you"
"As will I but I want this in a binding statement with video and the royal assurance for I know that this was never broken once given by any royal member so that it wasn't given lightly or often."

The princess agreed and everything was finalized Charles told Julie he was allowed to travel in the ancient ship as he had gotten it working again, he told her he was taking it out to get the bugs out of it and would return just unload the supplies and he'd see her in about a month, he knew she would try to follow but he also knew that there was no ship that could match the speed of it. As they left the ship jumped immediately and was there in an hour they had traveled almost half way across the galaxy in an hour! He knew they had a trans-dimension slip drive faster than anything in his time but he didn't know it was that fast! After retrieving the time machine Charles had to slightly tweek it to get it operating it reminded him of something that he had created years ago but it had failed and he had given up on it. Before they activated it Charles was in the ship's store room and told to strip, then to put on protective clothing before he was irradiated with a strange energy at first it was just a tickle after 10 minutes it was a warming of his skin after 20 minutes it felt like ants were crawling all over his body. After 30 minutes the pain started in it was very low at first but each minute saw it increase til after only 40 minutes Charles thought he was going to die there, as the pain was so bad that he curled in a ball on the floor.

After spending almost 2 weeks together with him, the princess had more than a fondness for him and as he started to scream after only 50 minutes she almost stopped the treatment. She thought back to how kind and gentle he had been when they had made love after thay had found the time machine. She had been surprised she had let him touch her but was so glad she had, she had never experienced the love and feeling she did from him as he had filled her womb three times with his cum, she knew that now the next day, that she was carrying his, THEIR child and he had to come back with her, the child deserved to know its father.

After an hour and a half Charles could't take anymore and passed out as the intensity of the beam and the pain shot through the roof. As Charles opened his eyes Alatem was standing over him with a look of concern on her face. "You took the time displacement beam harder than anyone I have ever seen, Ally what was the problem with it?" she asked as she carressed his face.
"It appears that he is important to both times I have never seen this I have only read of it back when the experiments started. In order to seperate him I had to intensify the beam and it almost killed him I am so sorry. Charles had I known I could have just irradiated you for over a week then you would been alright well... actually you would have had to endure it for 2 weeks but the pain would have only been half as bad."

"It's ok I knew there was a reason why it hurt so bad, I was always told growing up that I was special seeing as how I was actually born on planet and not in space something unheard of in the last 300 years. Alatem smiled at what she heard, they had said the same thing about her. As he held her, the AI Ally started the count down "I am activating the time slip in 5 minutes please strap in and prepare."
"So Ally," Charles started "no more pain right?"
Ally just laughed "not now but in nine months there will be"
As Charles looked confused the princess placed his hand on her stomach "you're going to have to start thinking of names for the possible heir to the throne" as the reality of what she said dawned on him he smiled a huge smile as Ally giggled and the ship shimmered then vanished.

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