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Tags: Fantastic

Forget Harper valley PTA

’m still in shock. Major league, brain-cell frying disorientation type shock! Fact is, I have now a whole new slant on the education system or at least, the home education system. Problem is, I now have to make one crucial decision.

It would doubtless come as no surprise to all but the voluntarily cloistered few, that at some stage or other, the average father looks at his daughter or daughters and thinks, “yummy!” Many, I am sure (and you can count me in here!) reflect beyond the “yummy” stage to the “what if?” stage or if, like mine they are just too cute for their own good – the “gotta do something about this” stage! Given the facts as laid out in an earlier tale (published elsewhere) “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” one can see that any such contemplation was circumstantially grounded by “opportunity” which ultimately opened up a new family-career path.

A while back now, the co-ed High School that my daughters attend, held one of their regular parent/teacher nights. One fronts-up to a regular procession of Math, History, English and Science lecturers who not that long ago would never have made it past the first interview for a teaching position. They drone on about the importance of assessments, percentile bands, re-vamped syllabuses and vocational guidance, while you sit there thinking “What a fucking idiot!” Once in a while I have broken up the drudgery by asking them if they know what a pteranadon or an archaeopterix is - never yet found one who did, science professors included!

However I digress. Between appointments for specific teachers I found myself chatting to other parents while Jenna was talking to her girlfriends. One such conversation began after a father, a little younger than myself, had been watching Jenna for a while before speaking to me,

“You have a very pretty daughter you know.”

Deciding not to punch him out then and there, I was on the verge of saying “Yeah, and I wouldn’t mind fucking yours either,” when I realized he may not have had one. So I just said “Uh-huh, thanks. Yep, she is a little sweetheart.”

At that moment a rather cute little blonde sidled up to him and muttered,

“Be another ten minutes dad.”

We got to talking and comparing notes. Michelle I discovered is in a grade above Jenna – they know each other recognizably but have never spoken. I noticed that her father leveled many a secondary glance at Jenna before asking what struck me as a weird question.

“Does she get out much?”

Not entirely sure what he meant, I simply replied that she goes out quite a bit with girlfriends. She has, like most fifteen-year old girls at college, her own little clique.

Well this guy – he introduced himself as Jerry Clarke - was sure taken with the subject of young girls, he must have singled out at least half a dozen in the room for some personal comment or other.

Suddenly from way left field,

“Ever thought of “doing it” with a girl that age?” he whispered.

“Yeah,” I replied, “And the twenty years hard labor afterwards.”

"Not necessarily,” was the cryptic response.

Right then, his number was called and his daughter collected him. Before he left, he asked if I’d like to have a cappuccino with him at the local mall the following Saturday morning. Having no particular reason not to, I agreed.

I don’t think I’ll ever see a capuccino in quite the same way again.

It didn’t take him long to get back on his topic of choice - young girls. I wondered if he was compiling a University thesis. Somehow we got on to the subject of what a tease they can be (as if I hadn’t noticed) and the need to spank them sometimes (now that was a subject close to my heart!) But it was at the point he asked me once again, if I had ever thought of doing anything with any young girls that my ears pricked up (not just my ears either!) Thinking it best not to mention my one slight straying from the path of righteousness, I merely said that I had “thought” of doing lots of things…what father hadn’t if they are honest?

He persisted. “If you had the opportunity though….would you?”

“Depends on the opportunity,” I answered honestly.

He looked around the coffee bar almost furtively.

“What would you say if I told you there were quite a few fathers locally who held these “parties” where young girls – their daughters included, had a whole lot of “fun!”

“I’d want the address,” I replied, wondering where the hell this was heading.

Jerry then went on to explain that he was part of a circle of parents, almost all of them at my daughter’s school, who held these bi-weekly parties on a rotation system and at which a condition of entry was that “after a preliminary induction” every father wishing to go, must bring his own daughter. I asked the obvious question, “What about the mothers?” His reply of “Oh, several girls are taken by both parents,” just blew me away! It also sent my imagination into hyperdrive.

“So you’re telling me girls from what? thirteen or fourteen upwards, are stripped and made to have sex with other men while their moms and dads watch???”

“Not made to,” he said. “They are more than willing and it’s not just with the other fathers – they have sex with their own dads as well, sometimes their moms too. That PTA night we met, at least five of those girls there attend these parties regularly.”

Convinced he was joshing, I just mentioned that I had to go as I had a fair few things to attend to.

“Well?” he said, “You want to at least come and have a look?”

Curious beyond belief, I said “Sure, when?…where? But I’m not bringing any daughter.”

“No, that’s fine,” he replied, “No-one does the first time they go. The next party is today week. Don’t have the venue yet, I’ll call you.”

With that, he left. I had two more capuccinos!

Jerry rang me the following weekend and made arrangements to pick me up just after lunch. My kids were all out doing other things which worked in well. There was always the cellphone if anyone needed me.

Some fifteen minutes north of my home is “Millionaire’s Row” as it is colloquially known. An exclusive suburb best described as semi rural. Multiple adjoining five/ten acre blocks each with room for a decent airstrip. Three million might just buy you the cheapest homestead up there. A few of the girls from the college lived up that-a-way I knew, having taken both Jenna and Kylie there for the odd birthday party. Privacy certainly wasn’t an issue in Windsor Hills.

Michelle was seated in the front with her Father and I found the conversation somewhat heavy going, realizing that she must obviously be an active participant. What do you say to a pretty sixteen-year old girl on her way to a sex party? “Do you fuck here often?”

For her part, Michelle seemed as relaxed and normal as any teenager on her way to the shopping mall. She smiled at me when I got in and was chatting away to her dad the whole trip. Dressed in a hot little skirt and top, I wondered if that was some kinda “uniform” they were all expected to wear?

As Jerry pulled into a drive-way, I had my first coronary. I knew the place – it was one of the houses I’d brought Kylie to a few months earlier. Several hundred yards long, the drive gave way to a tree’d courtyard where ten or eleven vehicles, mainly 4-wheel drive monstrosities, were arrogantly clustered about the main entrance. Jerry backed-up between two huge pine-trees and the three of us exited. Michelle was holding her father’s hand I noticed.

We were welcomed by a man who I recalled as hosting the birthday party I had brought my daughter to. He obviously recognized me too. When introduced by Jerry he said “We’ve met before haven’t we?” I nodded.

Inside, we were ushered-in to an enormous room they could have staged the seventy-sixth Oscars presentation in. Tables were scattered about with nibblies, drinks and what have you, while a dozen or so groups of chairs were clustered around the wall. It’s what was on the chairs caught my eye. Girls! – handpicked pretty ones by the look of it. Some looked to me to be pushing teen-age, most I would guess were of Jenna or Kylie’s vintage…fifteen to sixteen. The greater majority were in short skirts, but a few had on nice dresses and others were wearing tight jeans with mid-riff tops. Of greatest concern, I recognized a couple of girls from Jenna’s grade – God, does she actually know about all this I wondered?

As Jerry had mentioned, there were indeed a few mothers seated with their daughters and I counted at least three sets of what were obviously husbands and wives. Perhaps most staggering was the fact that all these people were basically middle to upper class families, absolutely none of whom would you be expecting to see at such a venue. Mind you at this juncture, I had still no idea what exactly the program for the afternoon’s festivities was likely to be. But for the young girls, It looked for all the world like an up-market Tupperware party about to kick-off.

I noticed one or two men who like myself appeared to be unaccompanied and who were standing uneasily along the far wall, either with a friend or smiling at whoever glanced at them.

Wondering how this was going to “begin” as such, and at that stage, people were still coming in – ostensibly men, accompanied by one or two girls who presumably were their daughters…I noticed a couple of girls leave their seats and cross to other small groups. One cute little brunette, she couldn’t have been much more than fourteen, went and sat herself down on another man’s lap while he was talking to a young woman in her thirties. He put his arm around her, said something I couldn’t hear, then kissed her on the lips. The woman took hold of the girl’s hand and smiled at her.

“Pretty isn’t she?”

I was jolted out of my reverie. “Her name is Chantelle,” Jerry continued, “That man is her best-friend’s father. If you look over there,” he inclined his head to the far side of the room, where the girl had been sitting, “That’s her best friend Nadia, sitting on Chantelle’s dad’s knee.”

Other girls now appeared to be moving around the room, several fathers too, leaving their own daughters and heading off to their chosen quarry. Not all though, one man I noticed across from us and who had just walked in, began kissing the girl he had brought. She was responding with quite some passion.

I caught Jerry’s attention and pointed out the couple. “Are they?...” He anticipated my question.

“Yep, that’s his daughter Brittany. Isn’t she hot?”

“Hot” didn’t cover it by a long shot. In one of the tightest and shortest skirts on offer there, as she stood on tip-toe to kiss her father, his hand dropped to her bottom and began just rubbing it affectionately. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing….but I wanted to see more!

Michelle I noticed, had left her dad too and was over with a small group to our left. A man in his late thirties had his arm around her as they chatted. My mouth was drying up, no doubt about it.

I turned my head. Occasionally you see something you have difficulty in accepting, however much you might want it to be happening. I was having one such epiphany! As little Chantelle sat on her friend’s father’s lap, the woman who had been holding her hand began surreptitiously pushing the girl’s skirt up. She then slipped her hand right up between her legs and it looked to me like she was rubbing her panties. The man said something to her as the girl wriggled noticeably.

There was something clearly wriggling in my own trousers at this stage.

Both of them were now intently involved with the little brunette. The woman eased Chantelle around until she was straddling the man…obviously her husband. For his part he was now not only kissing her but had one hand up under her top and by the look of it, was fondling her tiny breasts. His wife pulled the girl’s skirt higher and was openly now rubbing her hard between her legs through her fully exposed dark blue knickers, her arms encircling the girl’s waist and hips. The girl appeared to be murmuring something..I couldn’t hear what.

Brittany’s father had been joined by a second man. As the girl French-kissed her father, the other man stood behind her, kissing her neck and bringing his hands up under her arms to commence fondling her breasts. The father said something to him, after which he stopped fondling her but reached down and taking hold of her hips, began easing her skirt upwards. I noticed Brittany clearly pushing back with her bottom into the man’s crotch which although I could not see from the front, must obviously have had something there she liked. By the time her panties were exposed, I was needing a paramedic.

Variations on these themes were being played out all over the room. Girls were being kissed, fondled…even tickled, wall to wall. One girl I noticed in a hot little blue dress, was lying on a guy she had pushed back on one of the lounges and he had his hands all over her as she openly rubbed herself on him while he kissed her.

Jerry I noticed had headed off to his daughter’s group where Michelle was now seated between two men, one of which had another girl who looked to be very young indeed, sitting prettily on his knee. I couldn’t see what, if anything was being done to either of them.

Such was not the case with Chantelle’s friend Nadia however. I stared open-mouthed as Michelle’s father undid her top, removed it and then pulled the girl’s bra straps down her arms, fully revealing the sexiest pair of little nipples which he began to suck in earnest – first one side, then the other. The girl looked across to her own father who smiled back at her obviously fully approving. He was busy enough himself, helping a young red-head divest herself of her light green panties. For the girl’s part, she appeared to have her hand inside his zipper and she definitely wasn’t looking for a Malteser!

At one of the small groups further along the far wall, two men and a woman were intent on watching the progress of two young blonde girls who were being encouraged to kiss one another while one was having her jeans pulled down and the other, her skirt pushed up. Obviously the mother of one of them, the woman was helping out with the jeans while another man was whispering something to her as he fondled her breasts.

Just away to my right, another cute little blonde who I recognized as Brianna – one of Jenna’s class-friends and who comes over to our place once in a while, was being stripped by a tall man who I knew was definitely not her father. He had her down to her bra and panties and was in the process of unhooking her front clasp. I figured I may as well start somewhere. Brianna knew I was there, so I may as well do something! Besides, I thought she was the hottest little thing the first time Jenna invited her over.

As I approached, the man looked up – I don’t think he had planned on any assistance. Brianna though smiled at me.

“Hello Mr. Baker….you haven’t been to any of these parties before have you?” I shook my head.

“No…and nor should you have missy.” I teased her. She gave the sexiest little smile.

As the man unhooked her and exposed her breasts, he simply said “Name’s Chris,” and offered his hand. I took it, gave my name and turning back to Brianna asked the dumbest of questions. “Would you let me pull those panties down sweetie?” Even Chris looked at me like not all of my dogs were barking.

I think she was the first one to get nude…and boy was it worth it! Beautiful little figure, curvy hips, firm breasts with “suck-me-before-you-do-anything-else nipples. Chris beat me to it on that score. But the real prize lay there fully exposed now. Cutest little pussy surrounded by wispy blonde hair that formed a delicate protective triangle just a little higher up. I had such a hard-on…mainly because I was unavoidably imagining seeing my own daughters being stripped the same way. God what would I have given at that moment to see that?

I dropped to my knees and nuzzled little Brianna’s pussy with my face. She was making all sorts of funny little noises – when I licked her, she made a whole lot more.

“Let’s fuck her,” said Chris, somewhat indelicately I thought, pulling her over to a spare lounge. Still, you couldn’t fault the man’s logic.

I looked around…and felt more chest pains! Several girls were down to their last stages of clothing…..most notably their panties. Funny how men like to leave that till last isn’t it? The two blonde girls that had been kissing were now separated and seated on two guy’s knees besides one another. One girl had a hand in her panties, the other was being held by the arms while another man was attempting to pull her knickers off. Her mother was otherwise engaged with some girl’s father who, having gotten her down to just her knickers, was sucking her breasts one at a time and generating some serious moans. I would have kept watching but there was too much going on. Nadia was naked and being pushed backwards on the carpet as Chantelle’s father continued to kiss her. Chantelle herself was in a far more interesting position. The man had his erection out while Chantelle lay full length on his wife, clad now only in her undies. It looked to me like the woman was rubbing the girls breasts with her own while her husband had two vaginal options immediately open to him (as it were) Doubtless he took both.

Chris meanwhile had had all the fun so far with Brianna – I figured it was my turn. Getting him to sit in a spare chair, I got him to hold her front-on to me with her legs spread. He was happily occupied fondling her breasts while I licked her several more times. Brianna was moaning by then and if I had been a girl, I probably would have been too – in anticipation! She had her legs spread to the limit and was fully prepped I have to say.

I didn’t so much get my erection out as “unchain it.” I’m not that big, but there again, I never had a solitary complaint. Placing the head at her very wet vaginal entry, I reckon I showed remarkable restraint in not simply raping her stupid. Fact is, I wanted her to enjoy it as much as me. As I pushed in, I felt the tightness of her young pussy despite the fact it had obviously borne considerable in-bound traffic in recent times. So tight in fact was she, it felt like I was entering a ten-year old – no wonder I came so quickly! She was wriggling about on Chris’s lap, pushing forward with her little hips and completely given over to it.

It was then Chris’ turn. It was at this juncture – holding her on my knee, feeling her hot little curvy ass, fondling her breasts and kissing her neck, sweet-smelling blonde hair full in my face and seeing Chris’ appendage enter her, that I realized I was seeing all this happen to Jenna and Kylie. Try as I might, I could not shake the image.

After Chris filled her again (he wasn’t much slower than me) Brianna lay against me breathing heavily and looking every inch a happily fucked teenager. Another father was walking over to us so I gave her a kiss and told her I’d see her before I went. Time to move on.

Approaching Jerry’s little group I was staggered to see Michelle down on her knees, still in her skirt and panties however and French kissing an obviously younger girl with rather cute pigtails. A man was positioning himself behind Michelle and as I watched, pulled her skirt up over her hips and then pushed her panties aside and began to finger her deeply while extricating a rather large erection with his now free hand. Jerry, watching proceedings closely, leant over and whispered something to his daughter that sounded like “Let him fuck you hard baby,” but I could be wrong.

As I neared, he stood up and said to me,

“Well, I see you weren’t being too shy with some of the guests?” I told him I knew the girl.

“Well then, all the better,” he added.. “It’s more fun when you know them isn’t it?….just that little bit naughtier. Her father’s over there you know,” saying which he indicated towards the huge bay window where a rather well built youngish-looking man had a very nice-looking dark-haired girl down on her knees, sucking him like there was no tomorrow. Something about her submissive pose was just soo hot, I wanted to feel her lips affording me the same pleasure. Oddly, she was still dressed, although he had one hand down her top fondling what was quite obviously as hot a pair of young breasts as you could have found in the room.

I glanced back at Brianna. The “replacement” was kissing her greedily while she was kneeling there, jerking him to Nirvana. I watched as he came in a sudden hot and unbroken stream, all over her breasts, nipples and face. I knew I could never see Brianna again….at our place especially, without full recall of this incredible moment.

Michelle now was being comprehensively fucked. Jerry had unzipped and was stroking himself furiously as he watched his daughter’s hot little pussy being abused stupid by the man. She was handing him maximum penetration by pushing back at each thrust - if you can believe it, the guy was making more noise than she was! I left them to it, having just seen something I really needed to check out.

Exactly what age she was I never found out (might be just as well I never did,) but just two chairs further along, I came across a young girl lying on her back across two men’s laps in tandem. She was completely naked. One man had his hand right up between her legs rubbing and fingering her slit, the other pulling on the tiniest of nipples. She had barely any measurable breasts to speak of, merely the slightest bumps. Her finely shaped little pussy was entirely hairless and in all honesty if someone had told me she was nine or ten, I wouldn’t have doubted it.

Now please believe me when I say that much as I like sex and the thought of sex, especially with teenage girls, I have never considered pre-teen fucking. Yet damn it, this little girl was just about the sexiest sight I have ever seen. The fact that she was letting them fondle and abuse her was just so hot. Nor could it be said she wasn’t enjoying the sensations herself. When she addressed the guy pulling her nipples as “daddy” I really figured it was time for a reality-check here. Could I ever really entertain the notion of allowing my own daughter/s, always assuming either were willing, to take part in such middle class degeneracy – however strong my own motivation? (Or theirs, come to that!)

Whilst most every girl in the room was pretty much nude at this stage and if not moaning from the attention being received, sitting on the floor breathless or leaning against a parent’s legs recovering, there was at the far end of the room I noticed, a decidedly odd couple. Father and daughter quite obviously by virtue of common features, she was sitting rather demurely in a chair, hands folded in her lap while her father perched on the arm of the chair, one arm protectively around his daughter’s waist - a totally incongruous scene given the nature of the entertainment. I walked over to them.

The girl looked up as I approached. Very attractive (her father was a good looking man also) with fine features – some Italian or Spanish blood in there I would guess. Dark hair beautifully groomed and set off with two small pieces of red ribbon that really made her look pretty. She had on a very tasteful knee length skirt and what might have been a cashmere top. With the very light but subtle make-up she was wearing, the girl looked older than she obviously was.

I was wondering why they had set themselves apart. Was he unwilling to allow her to take an active part (I could well understand that). Was she shy? Was he? As if reading my thoughts, the man proffered a hand. “George Coombs, this is my daughter Larissa.” I wasted no time retrieving her hand and kissing it.

“Just watching all this” he continued, “We have never attended any of these “parties” (he hesitated before selecting the word) before. Are you here with your daughter?”

Having introduced myself, I explained that it was my first time also and that I was here by invitation.

“What brought you here?” I asked.

“Well actually, Larissa is a good friend of one of the girls over there…he pointed in Michelle’s direction. She knew about these parties and wanted to come and see for herself.” Larissa blushed and dug her father in the ribs.

“Dad!!!,” she muttered. I felt like kissing her. Actually I felt like doing a lot more than that.

“Do you have any daughters?” she asked me.

“Yep…three actually,” I told her. Fifteen, sixteen and nineteen.

“Larissa is almost seventeen,” George interjected. “Are you going to bring any of yours to the next party?”

I wondered if he was planning on making a booking, but said,

“Haven’t decided and anyway, I’m not sure any of them would want to come?” I replied.

Larissa looked up. ”Have you um, you know…..with any of the girls here?”

Obviously my performance with Brianna had been obscured or they had been watching other frenetic activities at the time. Nevertheless, I thought I’d be truthful.

“Just one….that little blonde girl over there by the table.” I pointed across the room. “She is a friend of my daughter and I know her quite well.”

“Oh, that’s Brianna,” said Larissa blushing again….”I know her too, we play in the same District Netball team.”

I had immediate visions of Larissa in one of those hotter than hot short little Netball skirts and top, her hot breasts. (such that I could see of them, and I really was trying) jiggling as she shot for goal.

Just close to us, a half-undressed girl was seated on a man and was starting to let him feel her up. He had one hand up now between her legs. It was so damned arousing, I turned to Larissa (I had been crouching the far side of her chair) and just kissed her. She made no attempt to withdraw or even deflect my lips. I kissed her harder and then realizing what I was doing, I stopped.

“Sorry George, don’t know what got into me. Its just the heat of the moment…and lets face it, there’s a lot of heat round here.”

“No, its OK,” he said, “So long as Larissa doesn’t mind…I’m OK with it!”

I looked at her…..”You really don’t mind me doing that?”

“I should,” she teased, “But you’re nice, so its OK!”

My erection was instant. “Nice???” Oh God, How I wanted to be nicer!

I stood up and put out my hand to her. I must have looked like I was asking her to dance but she seemed to read me and knew what I wanted. She got up and let me sit in the chair. I pulled her back down into a sitting position on my lap. George was quite obviously a keen observer now.

Looking at a beautiful girl sitting in a chair and having her sitting on you, are way different experiences let me assure you. She was young, warm, cuddly, sweet-smelling…something about her reminded me of my daughter Kylie. Goddamn I’m a sick man!

There will be readers out there who understand exactly what I mean when I say that one of the sexiest things about a girl is her hair. Its scent, its texture, its very femininity. As I nuzzled Larissa, really quite lovingly, her hair fell against my face and captivated my rising emotions. I ran my hand through the lower curls and kissed her neck. Ingest all the alcohol you want, no amount can affect the senses like having a young girl sitting on you with your arms around her waist, feeling her natural heat and knowing that whether you elect to move your hands north or south its all good news.

Larissa was beginning to respond simply to my nuzzling her, holding her tight and having her neck kissed. Her father leant down and muttered something to her but I couldn’t hear what it was…I think my heartbeat was drowning out the conversation. Whatever else was going on in the room, I really wasn’t interested.

She must have been able to feel my erection beneath her bottom but gave no sign that she had. The good news was…that it didn’t bother her obviously. I kissed her harder…further round under her ears now and she was responding dramatically. Making all sorts of pleasurable noises, I risked moving one hand upwards and just allowed the merest contact with the lower side of her left breast.

She just made a sound like “Ohh” and inclined her pretty face towards me. I kissed her full on the lips and she just melted. I must be honest, I felt like a young kid with his first girlfriend and her presence was radically affecting me. I think I was having a majorly strong effect on her too. I raised both hands and cupped her breasts.

This time, a clear and protracted “Ohhh.” As I began to very gently fondle her through her top I could see her father watching and quite obviously not minding. That made it all the hotter. I whispered to her, “Larissa, you are just so beautiful, I hope you don’t mind me doing this.” She shook her head slightly and turned towards me with those wonderfully soft and very lightly glossed lips.

Having the most perfectly sited aspect down her shoulders, the curves of her breasts stood out clearly. I began to undo her two top buttons which immediately ceded the view of her cleavage. She had on a pretty and somewhat frilly blue bra that suggested I was dealing here with some perfectly formed 32 inch, B-cupped breasts that made me want to get her pregnant immediately. I slipped a hand down inside her right cup and gently rubbed her nipple.

She closed her eyes, moaned and held my hand against her soft skin with her own hand. Her nipples were very erect and the more I manipulated them the more she responded with soft moans and wriggles. Her father I imagine must have been suffering an erection of the crippling kind, I could only imagine what I would have been feeling watching him doing this to Jenna.

Gradually lowering my left hand to her lap, I deliberately applied pressure where I knew her hot little mound must be residing below that skirt. After a couple of such probings I felt her legs spread just the slightest. She was looking at me with not a little urgency just as girls do when you have them so expectantly hot and bothered. I laid my hand flat in her lap and pushing downwards with my palm, could clearly feel the lower abdomen as it curves towards that most private of areas. My fingers reached the precipice and arrowed downwards, pressing inwards – right dead center.

The girl clung to me and arched her back as one hand maintained its light hold of her right breast, just caressing and fondling, the other probing her deeply as I negotiated, albeit through her skirt, that hottest of places where is generated such heat. As I kissed her, I whispered how much I wanted and desired her. Her groans evidenced her own needful complicity.

George was being a naughty boy and undoing more of his daughter’s buttons. We slipped the cashmere top off leaving her lying against me, with just that little bra affording some modesty. She gasped as her father pulled her right bra strap down…the least I could do was help with the left one. As both her breasts were slowly uncovered and her dark but fairly small nipples exposed, he leant across and kissed his own daughter hard on the lips.

Having some concern for my now irregular heartbeat, I hoped I would see this through to its conclusion, whatever that might possibly, be without the need for a defibrillator.

I slipped my right hand up under her skirt and pulled the hem up past her knees. Another “Ohhh,” but no resistance! Placing my hand on her beautiful thigh, I slowly encircled the soft skin and moved upwards. As I approached her panties, Larissa was really wriggling her hips and becoming just so aroused. Whether she could possibly be any further advanced than her father or myself is open to speculation.

The heat factor as I allowed my fingers a first brush of her panties was incredible. She moaned audibly and quite subconsciously pushed forward with her hips. Taking hold of her left leg, her father gently held her right and we pulled her legs apart as far as the chair would allow. With George’s help we tugged her skirt up under her bottom and up past her hips, leaving her matching blue knickers completely exposed. I could see how wet she was and at the point I began rubbing her slit through the soft material, she was one transported young girl.

Speaking for myself, my erection was in danger of snapping, such was its delicate and needful condition. I slipped my hand inside her waistband. As my fingers caressed for the first time, her beautiful pussy, her moans increased in intensity. She began kissing her father passionately and was quite unopposed to us taking her bra off. To say she was wet, would be a classic understatement – she was awash! Nevertheless I began to caress her pussy rhythmically, keeping to a circularized motion that made sure the clitoris was being well stimulated. We lifted her legs across the arms of the chair to give maximum access. It was only then I noticed two other men watching from not three paces away and jerking furiously. It would have been an awesome sight from their viewpoint.

Inserting two fingers suddenly into her pussy, she just gasped and shook. The slightest probing further and I made an interesting discovery. Larissa was still a virgin. I could only fall back on logic and make the assumption that this was now a condition she wished no longer to maintain. If it was, she sure was going about it the wrong way.

Her father was like-minded one assumes.

“Fuck her, go on, I want you to…Larissa wants it too.” I heard him half stammering, scarce able to believe himself I think, what he was saying.

While fingering her softly, I leant down to her and whispered, “Larissa, would you let me make love to you? I will be really gentle if you can trust me.”

She looked up at me, her beautiful dark brown eyes almost pleading and just nodded.

With her legs spread as they were, there was no need to remove her panties. They were such skimpy little things, so slim down the center, her pussy was fully visible from both sides anyway. I release my caged erection and knelt between her legs. Her point of entry pretty much right on the edge of the chair by now and it couldn’t have been easier. Although unshaven, the hair surrounding her slit was neither rampant or thick…merely an exquisite natural frame which was never likely to need a razor. It was to me the prettiest little pussy I had laid eyes on and in its refined naturalness - just the biggest turn-on.

“Be careful with her please,” said George. He needn’t have spoken.


Being as wet as she was proved a definite plus for both of us. She absolutely gasped as I entered her - .just looking at me and transferring her own arousal to me…as if I needed it.

At the point of reaching the hymen, I took hold of her left hand with my right and continued to just push in and out with only marginally increased pressure. Although she would obviously have been able to feel the obstacle, I don’t believe it was hurting her. She was wriggling with pleasure which suggested her “apprehension factor” was low. I pushed in now with some little force and I felt her wince. Knowing she was almost seventeen, and assuming that like most normal girls she must masturbate regularly, I assumed the hymen would be somewhat less rigid these days and that one thrust might effect its demise. Such was the case and as I crossed that new frontier she let out a whimper but one that soon gave way to extreme pleasure as I penetrated her deeply.

George, unable to restrain himself further understandably, had his own erection out now and was jerking-off in full view of his daughter who was now half crying with pleasure.

“Ohhh, don’t stop,” she begged.

Yeah right, like I was ever going to?

I suppose you would have to term it “an ejaculation,” but what I managed undoubtedly was an eruption. As I came in her, I felt her own orgasm which had been building to a wondrous crescendo….We simply held each other’s hand tightly and just let it happen.

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