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Tags: fantasm


Amy crossed her arms, looking sullenly at the TARDIS console. It was early; she knew, even if she couldn't look outside its indescribably blue doors. The Doctor would be sleeping.

It seemed like the first time, she mused, that she'd woken before him. The Doctor always seemed to be awake, always watching. He refused to admit it, but Amy knew that sometimes he even watched her sleep. 

As she took another step to sit down on one of the two chairs in the control room, the TARDIS suddenly lurched forward. Amy was thrown against the console, knocking levers out of place and pressing some multicolored buttons. 
 The time machine began making loud sounds that 
resembled a cat yowling - also while spewing ketchup onto the floor. Alarmed, Amy pressed more buttons and pulled levers. Nothing was working. Steam exploded from somewhere behind her. 

"Amy Pond! What've you done this time?!" The Doctor scolded as he sprinted into the room. The Time Lord must have been doing something before he came in. A smear of grime was on one cheek. His dark hair was plastered across his forehead, and his sleeves were pulled up at his elbows. But of course, his bowtie was perfectly in place; it always was.

  He spared one exasperated look at her, then got to work. Amy stepped back and watch him run around the console, murmuring to the TARDIS under his breath and resetting the buttons lovingly.

Lovingly. The one thing he rarely showed to Amy.  
She sighed, brushing her fiery red hair behind an ear as she prepared an apology. 

"Sorry. Something happened - I fell," she said, her words sharp with her Scottish accent. It sounded stupid as she said it. The Doctor looked at her, a small smile on his face. 

"Don't worry, Pond. You haven't done too much damage.. this time." 
She rolled her eyes, but was glad that he had improved in mood. He turned back to the console and flipped a switch. Amy watched his pale, long hands. She knew his touch was as light and gentle as a feather. Sometimes she wanted to hold his hand, and forget the rest of the world was there.
 But she could see the world. And many more worlds, and galaxies, and wonders in his eyes. Such old, knowing eyes. 

The Doctor brought her thoughts back. "So Pond. When you said 'something happened', what did you mean?" He asked, pausing briefly to rest his elbows on the console and gaze casually at her. 

 "The TARDIS just sort of .. y'know. Lurched forward. I think it landed." 
She figeted with the edge of her red sweater. The Doctor nodded.

"Ah! She landed! Let's see where she's taken us this time," he lept from the console platform to the blue doors and threw them open. 

The countryside had rolling green hills dotted with cows and goats grazing on the grass. Wheat swayed in the wind in the field across from them. It was a cloudless, beautiful, perfect day for exploring. For once, Amy wished that they wouldn't encounter an alien during this trip. No invasion, no kidnapper/attackers. Just quality time with the Doctor. Alone time.
 The corner of her mouth quirked into a smile.

"Ahh, the country! It reminds me of that time in Scotland!" The Doctor called out as if the cows could hear him. 
Amy looked at him oddly. He hesitated. 

"Nevermind. Forget I said that. Anyway - enjoy the fresh air!" The Doctor inhaled then coughed. "Forget I said that also. It smells like .. horse manure.. Gallifreyan sewers. Ha." 

They stepped outside and looked around. The Doctor pulled on his tweed jacket, and closed the TARDIS doors. On the outside, it looked like a mere police call box (albeit a striking blue). In reality, it was a time machine. It could be described as "bigger on the inside".

And the Doctor was a Time Lord. In short: he's a Gallifreyan, a (pretty much extinct) species of time travelers who look like humans. Or humans look like them. Whatever.
 But there are some differences. Like they have two hearts. Or, instead of dying, they simply regenerate - the same person, with a new face, body, and personality. This was the Doctor's eleventh regeneration. So the Doctor was around 900 years old, though he looked twenty or so. 
  One day Amy would grow too old for him and he'd move on. That was what she feared, anyway.

"Pond, pay attention." The Doctor's voice called her back down to earth. Amy turned around.

"Sorry, what?"

"I SAID we're in medieval England. Back in the feudal times, where you lot had lords and whatnot. Ooh, and the churches! Let's go meet some priests!" 

--- (three hours later)

"And that's how I talked giant eyeball prison wardens to leave earth, taking the deadly "Prisoner 0" off of Earth forever. Oh, and don't even get me STARTED on the Weeping Angels." The Doctor nodded in self-satisfaction. 

 The peasant man just stared. "Wha? I'm 'fraid I don't understand, sir.. you wanted the directions to what now?" 

"Something interesting," the Doctor grinned, twirling his sonic screwdriver nonchalantly in his fingers. 

"And safe. You know; maybe some sight-seeing!" Amy cut in. She wanted to do something other than having to fight for her life. 

Of course, the shabby man looked at them like they were from another planet (and technically they were). After a long while he spoke. "Well you see, there's been a sorta.. disturbance 'round the town. Some people go there and don't come back! That'll be pretty interest'n." He smiled toothily at them. 

"That doesn't sound exactly scenic.." Amy muttered, but the Doctor rubbed his hands together. 

"Excellent! Now where would we find such a place?" 

The man simply pointed behind the Doctor. In the distance, shadowed from the face of the afternoon sun, was an enormous mansion. Amy wondered how they could have possibly missed that when they first looked around. 
 It would've been impossible. Then again, if the Doctor was to be involved, then of course something was going to be impossible.

---(30 minutes later)

Amy tugged on the Doctor's sleeve. 

"I really don't want to go in there. You know, those times when you know something's wrong? I'm getting that feeling right now," she pleaded. The Doctor turned to look at her. He gave one shake of his head and returned to gazing up at the front of the building. 

Even though it was bright and sunny outside, the house was like the ugly scar of the beautiful country. The grass around it was dead, and the trees brittle and bare. It was definitely a mansion- well-decorated on the outside. It just gave off an impressive (albeit eerie) vibe. 

"Let's go in," the Doctor said. Amy began to protest again, but the Doctor had already lept up the stairs and went up to the enormous double-doors. He knocked cheerfully once she stepped up to him. 
  Of course, nothing answered. He took out his sonic and pointed it at the door. The click of the lock inside signaled the Time Lord, and he pushed the two doors open. 


That basically summed it up. The house, though dreary on the outside, looked well-kept and lively on the inside. 

"Don't touch anything." The Doctor warned her, like a parent leading a child into an antique shop. He propped the doors open while she ventured inside.

The entire main room was about two livingrooms wide. The floor was black and white checkered marble, with red velvet carpets crisscrossing over the area. A fireplace crackled in the corner to their left. A grand staircase led to the upper floors directly in front of them. 
 The furniture looked modern (for the medieval ages). A red plushy couch sat in front of the fireplace. Busts of royalty appeared every now and then. There was a grand piano, too, in the far corner.

"Fascinating," said the Doctor as he examined everything carefully, "not a speck of dust on ..anything. Do you suppose there's a caretaker of some sort?" 

Amy didn't answer his question. She studied a red vase filled with white lilies. The Doctor glanced at her.

"Remember not to touch anything." 

"I won't! I didn't forget the first time," Amy retorted. She dropped her hand to go move closer to the Doctor. When she moved forward, she knocked down the pedestal that the vase rested on. It tumbled over and shattered. 

The Doctor spun around, grabbed Amy's arms, and moved her behind him. He eyed the vase with his sonic primed and ready to go. 

"Amy, I thought I told you.." 

"Sorry!" She squeaked. "Sorry, sorry." 

Something clunked at the top of the stairs. Amy and the Doctor both looked up. There was a greenish, faint aura that seemed to linger there. 

"That's .. not a ghost, right Doctor? Doctor?" She asked, starting to get panicky. The Doctor heard her heartbeat begin to speed up.
He raised his sonic and pointed it at the aura, then checked its readings. 

"No, not a ghost. It's rather like the embodiment of an-"

Amy screamed. The aura sped down the stairs and straight at them - and it passed right through the Doctor. She jumped back, terrified, as the Doctor doubled over. A greenish color swirled about him before dissipating. 

"Doctor?" Amy asked tentatively. The Doctor turned around to face her. She sighed in relief. Nothing seemed to be wrong with him physically. "I think we should leave now. Before something else happens." 

"No. Let's stay. I want to explore the rest of the house."
  The Doctor said this robotically, and spoke in monotone. 

"What? No! Are you okay?" 

Amy began to sense that there was indeed something wrong with the Doctor. He stared at her, then slowly began to move forward, towards her.

"I've been alone for so long in this house. So long, Amy." 

The doors swung shut. Amy backed away. 

"So long without a woman's touch. The feel of her skin.." 

"Doctor," she warned lowly. For every step she retreated, he moved forward. "Don't do this. Fight it." 

The Doctor just smiled, slowly. There was an agonizing silence,  and then lunged for her.

Amy tried to dash for the side, but he was too quick. He pinned her against a mahogany wall, with her arms up above her. She screamed and fought. But whatever was controlling the Doctor was far too strong. He leaned against her chest and silenced her with a rough kiss to her lips. She could feel him up against her. His erection against her crotch. 

 "Why do you fight me? Isn't  this what you've always wanted?" The Doctor purred. "I know. You've been fantasizing about it." 
 She continued to twist and struggle, but his words were true. Even as he said them, her resistance fell and she began to put more passion into the kisses. When he released her wrists she wrapped them around his waist.

The kisses were intoxicating. She didn't notice when he slipped off her sweater, pulled away her clothes to reveal her in her black-laced bra and panties. They were a stark contrast to her pale skin.
  He began to undress, too. He threw his jacket aside, undid his suspenders and unbuttoned his shirt. They continued to kiss fiercely, while moving towards the couch. They fell upon the red cushion, with Amy lying on the bottom. It took no time before the Doctor was feeling her breasts and then caring tenderly over them. 

"I .. I need.." She barely panted. She tried to express just how badly she wanted him, but he was going to torture her and take his time. 
 The Doctor did one final kiss and then began to nibble at her ear, causing her to cry out in pleasure. He moved to her neck, then kissed her collarbone. He brushed his lips against each breast in turn, and then trailed soft kisses down her belly, then to her thighs.
 He very slowly pulled her panties down her legs, hunger in his eyes when he saw they were soaking. 

 He put his head between her legs and began to very softly lick up the juices between her thighs. He played with her clit while he did this. Amy was breathless and was struggling not to buck against him. 

"Doctor! Now! Please," she whimpered, spreading her legs wide for him. The Doctor stepped out of his underwear, revealing his rock hard (and throbbing) cock. He swept forward and with one stroke buried himself in her. She gasped and then moaned. He pulled out so that the tip of his cock was just inside her - then thrust back in again.

 The Doctor put on hand om her hip, and one on her breast, and moved slowly in and out. 
Amy felt amazing, and she was nearly on the brink of orgasm. She felt like wet, wonderful velvet. Everything about her drove the 
Time Lord absolutely mad.
The Doctor was now having trouble staying quiet and he began to grunt with each thrust in her.

He began to go hard, but slow, ramming his full length into her with each time. Amy reached with one hand down to her clit and began to pleasure herself in time with his thrusts. 
 After a short while of this, the Doctor began to go faster. She cried out in surprise at the sudden increase of speed. 

He swiftly changed positions so he was directly above her, and began to fuck her just as quickly as before. She took her hands and ran them through his hair, then grasped his shoulders. Her nails dug into his skin.

This, combined with the amazing heat and pressure he felt against him, finally drove him into climax. He exploded inside her - and sent ropes of cum into her. Almost instantly after, she orgasmed as well. Her pussy tightened around him and her own cum mixed with his. 

As he pulled his limp cock out of her and collapsed, exhausted, onto the couch, sperm gushed out of her. Amy sighed and laid her arms back. Finally, after what she'd longed for for so long, it had happened.

Sure, it took some ghost-mind-influencing. But she went with the "doesn't matter, had awesome Time-Lord sex" thought. 
The Doctor fell asleep rather quickly. Amy didn't blame him - he had been controlled by a freaky aura. She put one of the silky blankets over him, then admired the smooth contours of his face. She'd never really noticed it before, but his skin was nearly flawless. He was warm, too, whereas the rest of the room was rather chilly. 

 She sighed once, contentedly. Amy was far too tired to try and find a place to clean herself up at the moment. She returned to the warm cushions, curled up around a pillow, and fell effortlessly into sleep.


 Amy opened her eyes. It was warm, and comfy. She snuggled with the blankets and adjusted her sleeping position. 
   Strange. She had so much room on this couch to stretch. 

Then she realized she was on her bed, in the TARDIS. Her confusion turned to disappointment. 
 She wasn't in the creepy-medieval-mansion anymore. The Doctor wasn't curled up sleepily across from her. 

She sighed. It had just been another crazy fantasy that her brain had concocted for her. She climbed out of her cozy bed, rubbing her eyes, and shuffled into the TARDIS console room.

"Good morning, Amelia." 

The Doctor's voice came from somewhere below her. Since the console room's floor was transparent, she peered down to the niche where the Doctor worked on the TARDIS's technical features. He rested on a hammock, laying before the impossibly difficult machinery that was the TARDIS. 

 "Morning," she returned casually. He tossed a piece of smoking metal below the hammock. Other mechanical items were strewn about there as well. 

"Still sore from yesterday?" He asked as if he were asking about the weather. 

"What?" Her heart fluttered in hope.

"Don't tell me you forgot. You were so excited you practically ripped my pants off," the Doctor said sarcastically. 

"That really happened? The- the ghost and the sex? All of it?" She came down the stairs to peer at the doctor quizzically. The Time Lord merely glanced at her, and smiled. 

 "Go and make yourself some breakfast, Pond. I'll take you somewhere fun today," he promised. Amy's face lit up and she rushed off.

 The Doctor sighed, amused. She may have not remembered, but he remembered every detail. The sweat on her pale skin, the shine of pleasure in her eye.  Amy had wanted that for so long. Oh, he knew. He knew the whole time. He'd been wanting that as well.

 He especially liked to watch while she was sleeping. Her expression was so peaceful. Of course, he'd had almost an hour to observe, because he carried her back to the TARDIS. 

Because she'd been asleep she might have questions. Like if she snored or something silly. But maybe she'd ask if he was still possessed. And .. he might have to .. stretch the truth about that.. 

The Doctor slid off of the hammock and brushed the hair out of his face. The "ghost" wasn't actually a ghost, it was a sort of bioluminescent buglike creature called a "Clarus creatura" that liked to linger around old human buildings. They ate dust motes, which was why the mansion was spotless. 

And they didn't actually possess people. The Doctor smiled and prepared to go up and meet her for breakfast.

 He had been in control the whole time. 

But ... Amy didn't need to know that.

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