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Tags: sex joke


There once lived a woman. She was nice, pretty, had a good attitude with everything she did. But the only thing she hated about herself was her flat chest. It was as flat as a plank of wood and she couldn't bear living with it.

One day as she's walking home from work, a genie pops up out of nowhere and tells her: "Hello miss. I heard about your problem and i would love to help you solve it."
"Ok," says the woman. "How will you help me?"

"I will inflict a spell on you which causes your breasts to grow one inch every time someone tells you the word 'pardon'. For example, if you bump into someone, they would tell you 'pardon'. When you are satisfied, say the word 'gesundheit' and the spell will leave you. I'll be going now." He disappears. Excited, she goes to the market to try this out.

At the market, she purpousely bumps into someone, causing the person to tell her "pardon". Suddenly, her breasts grew an inch. She was very excited. This went on four more times. She decided that one more time should be enough. She sees an arab man walking by, so she goes to bump into him. After bumping into him, he turns around and says: "I am very sorry madam. A thousand pardons to you!!!"

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