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The miracle time teller

Some American tourists were cruising the marketplace in Cairo, Egypt, looking for some souvenirs to bring home with them, and one of them came across a man knelt down by a camel and he asked.
"Excuse me sir, would you happen to have the time?"
The Egyptian looked at him, reached up, and took the camel by the balls and moved them slightly to the left.
"Its ten after two." he pronounced.
The American was amazed, he couldn't believe what he had just seen and he ran off to find his friends and tell them about the man who could tell time from a camel's balls. After a short time he found them and of course they didn't believe him so he insisted that they go back and he'd prove it, so they agreed and returned.
The American once again asked. "Excuse sir, I'm sorry to bother you again, but would you have the time?"
The Egyptian looked at him and once again reached out and grabbed the camels balls and once again slightly moved them to the left and said. "It's twenty after two."
The group was amazed and they left to go about their business, but the original discoverer of the miracle time teller remained behind. "Listen my friend, I would love to know how you do that. If I give you one hundred American dollars would you show me how you do it?"
The Egyptian thought for a moment and nodded ok and pocketed the hundred dollars and then motioned to the American to kneel where he was. The American knelt and then the Egyptian said. "All right grab the camels balls and gently pick them up and slightly move them to the left."
The American followed the Egyptian's orders to the tee and then asked. "Now what?"
The Egyptian said. "Ok crouch down a little more, now do you see that clock on the wall over there?"

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